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Local Adelaide, Australia Music Scene

The local music scene of Adelaide, Australia is full of exciting emerging talent. The area has provides opportunities for native talent to shine, such as Soundstream: Adelaide New Music Festival at Adelaide Town Hall. A local artist who is gaining attention is Bablylon Burning. Their music mixes various international styles such as Latin, reggae and rock. It's a seven-piece band with many cultural influences. Annie Siegmann is an interesting folk acoustic singer who makes unique cabaret presentations. The scene is a diverse mix of musical styles and fun casual cultural venues such as The Grace Emily on Waymouth Street.

Independent music has a lot of resonance in the post-pop world. Part of the reason indie and regional music have been elevated in the 21st century is in response to national and international music that is controlled by limited sources. By 2013 there were three major record labels that controlled a huge percentage on radio stations around the world. Many music fans have grown tired of the same old formulas these major labels are pushing.

The alternatives to national mainstream pop music lie mainly with the internet and on the local music scene at night clubs and festivals. Due to tightening economic conditions, consumers generally have less disposable income now than they've had in the past, which accounts for some of the music industry's financial downturn since 1999. Most of the national and international hits of the new century have come and gone very quickly while the hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s have stuck around as classics.

Historically, Adelaide local talent have had many opportunities for radio airplay, such as on Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM. The 2012 Adelaide New Music Festival was aired on the station, featuring a development called Piano Phasis, which involves 60 pianists performing together on 30 pianos. The idea is somewhat of a revolutionary concept that has drawn attention and curiosity from other countries. It's an example of how the local music community can come together to send out innovative vibrations to the world.

So why hasn't indie or local music taken over the mainstream on at least a local level? The answer comes down to exposure. Most people have to work all day and on their way home they might listen to the radio for 20 to 30 minutes. In that time they want to either hear their favorite new music or favorite classics. There isn't a lot of time devoted to exploring unknown music anymore, like there was in the 1960s or 1970s. These days many people have to work two jobs just to meet the cost of living. So they don't have as much spare leisure time, as was the case in the past.

Adelaide is home to notable festivals throughout the year, including Adelaide Festival of Arts and WOMADelaide. Popular venues include the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, The Crown & Anchor, FOwlers Live, Live on Light Square, Rocket Bar and Thebarton Theatre. Bands who attract local crowds include The Audreys, The Dairy Brothers, Hilltop Hoods, The Master Apprentices, and Generation Swine.

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