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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Tulsa Music Scene

The history of the Tulsa music scene has included Garth Brooks, The Gap Band, David Gates, Gene Autry, J.J. Cale and Leon Russell. In the 2010 Census Tulsa's metropolitan area had a population of over 937,000. Tulsa's main campuses are Tulsa University, Rogers State University and Tulsa Community College. Cain's Ballroom is an historic venue that helped popularize western swing music.

Apollo * Digital Sway * Austyn King * Paper Heart * Ron Morgan's Twisted Train * Able the Allies * Lauren Raquel * Darah * Joe Boyd * Jerry Bocmuller * Trilla * Eric Himan

Local Highlights

Tusla World is a website that stays up to date with local scene news and events. Some of the venues that the site covers include Baker St. Pub, Cimarron Bar, The City Fountain Tavern, The Colony, Dixie Tavern, Kenosha Station Pub & Grill, Mercury Lounge, Undercurrent and The Vanguard.

Some of the top artists in Tulsa, according to ReverbNation in February 2014, are gospel singer Darryn Zewalk, electronica band Outline In Color, country singer Chris Lowther Music, hip hop artist PAYROLL and world artist Russell Upol. Other notable acts high on the list iunclude rapper Ms.Lady, hip hop artist Tha Supa, folk singer Travis McClearen, pop singer Nehemiah Akbar and alternative band The Secret Post.

The Secret Post rank #1 on ReverbNation's alternative chart for Tulsa. The band has a refreshing modern rock sound that also brings back memories of new wave music of the eighties. Founded by Zachariah Wiser in early 2004, the Secret Post evolved into a band over time. His song topics range from sex to death. Other members now include Nicoli on drums, M on bass, Peter Hook/Simon Gallup on lead guitar nand Timothy DeCasper on synthesizer.

The Vanguard became an all ages venue when it opened in 2013 in the Brady Arts District. The club is owned by Simon Aleman who wanted a venue where his son's band and other unique performers could play. Aleman and his business partners created an intimate setting with the small venue, which is used for national as well as local acts.

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