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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Tampa Music Scene

Tampa's metropolitan area has a population of over 4 million people, according to the 2010 Census. The region is more known for sports than musical stars, but has been the home of music legends. The history of the Tampa music scene has included David Sanborn, Slim Whitman, Mel Tillis, Aaron Carter, Chick Corea and The Outlaws. The main campuses are University of South Florida and University of Tampa. The local music scene is covered by The Tampa Tribune and The St. Petersburg Times.

Amber Lynn Nicol * Beatnik Castle * Blume Choon * Burning Tree * Chang Bang * Cricketrix * Cristi Vale * Desert Moon Band * DJ Resonation * DOCO * Eric Darius * Erica DiCeglie * Fremont John * Funky Seeds * Geri X * Ghost Riders * Harvey Myers * Jason Young * John Clark * John Gold * Julie Black * Marc Chase * North 2 South * Phantom Soul * Phil Traynor * Rachel Black * Rocco & Rahj * Shawn Kelly * Shelly Starks * Soul Circus Cowboys * Steve Robinson * The Hip Abduction * Torsion Effect * Tropigroove * Vanelis * Wendy Rich *

Local Highlights

Music Tampa Bay has been streaming live local music since 2005. The site tells you the song that in now streaming live and lets the audience vote on songs. The internet station presents top ten countdown shows on Thursdays through Saturdays. The home page gives you a list of local artists to vote for. At the top of the MTB 2013 Top 100 chart are local artists BudaRest, Crackerbillys, Tom Freeman, Bill Vinhage and J Kolb. In February 2014 the site ranked in the global top million and in the U.S. top 350,000.

Tampa has several interesting ambient artists who make inventive soundscapes with synthesizers. Some of these artists include Ephemeral Mists, Manic Organica, Roadways, Rawky Marciono, LightFx and Tristan Font. Ephemeral Mists is among the most creative recording artists in Tampa when it comes to sonic masterpieces. One of their most surreal songs is "Sacred Geometries." The song includes flutes and environmental sounds.

The top artist in Tampa, according to ReverbNation in February 2014, is pop group BackStreet The Band, which is fronted by singer Emily Skyy. The band covers hits from the 1940s through the present. Other artists listed in the top ten include hip hop artist J.P. Stacka, rapper DE.SENT aka YoungFigure, metal band Kamelot and alternative band TranKQuiLL. One of the most inventive bands in the area is Epithumia, which is the work of multi-instrumentalist Barry Bredemeier.

The Big Guava Music Festival will not be back in 2016, according to a Live Nation announcement on January 14, 2016. The indie rock festival was launched by Live Nation in 2013 as the Funshine Music Festival then was rebranded Big Guava in 2014. The company, however, has not yet decided on the festival's future.

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