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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Stockton, CA Music Scene

Stockton was called "most miserable city" by Forbes in 2011 due to the recession. Stockton residents are influenced by media from Sacramento and San Francisco. In the 2010 Census the city had a population of over 291,000. The most prestigeous campus in town is UOP, a private university that has been used for scenes in movies such as "Raiders of the Lost Ark." The downtown area was revitalized in the 1990s. The local scene is covered by The Stockton Record and Caravan. Notable Stockton artists in history have included Chris Isaak and Chi Cheng of Deftones.

Stockton Music Acts

Red Light Survival * Lyrical Rain * RP-9 * Les La Tour & The Cradle of Sound * Tony Logan * Lady-T * J-Wise * In Oceans * Richard Flinders * Pep Sounds

Local Highlights

Chris Isaak is the most famous singer/musician to come from Stockton, where he was born June 26, 1956. He grew up listening to recordings of Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison, both of which made a huge impact on developing his own style. His 1990 hit "Wicked Game" made him a music legend and he has released several other recordings since. He graduated with an English degree from UOP in 1980 then moved to San Francisco. Isaak began releasing solo albums in 1985.

The Tables Turned is an experimental band that bridges organic and electronic sounds. Some of the instruments they use include didgeridoo, horns, strings and Polynesian drums. Band members include Jeff Anderson, DJ No Shame and Jimmy Moreno. The band generates uplifting energy with a carefree ambient sound that works as both listening and dance music. They have been ranked Stockton's #1 experimental band on ReverbNation in February 2014.

The David Flynn Group is a top three alternative act in Stockton, according to the ReverbNation charts. His music has a peaceful folk sound as in the ballad "Under Peaceful Skies." This type of music is appropriate for all ages and have a positive tone. David Flynn is a multi-instrumentalist who also writes short stories and paints pictures. When he's not making music, he is a teacher, cyclist and backpacker.

Ethan Chilton, while attending Golden Valley High School in Merced as a senior, was chosen to play trumpet for the 2016 Jazz Band of America. He will play in a concert called All National Festival, presented by Yamaha on March 9-12, 2016 in Indianapolis. The band is comprised of students from ten different states. Chilton has played trumpet for seven years.

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