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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Spokane Music Scene

Spokane is located on the Eastern side of Washington and is known for its proximity to great outdoors adventure that includes rivers, lakes and National Parks. In the 2010 Census the metropolitan area had a population of over 609,000.

In 1988 the Metropolitan Performing Arts Center changed its name to The Bing Crosy Theater as a tribute to the top singer of the 1930s and 1940s, who came from Spokane. The history of the Spokane music scene has included country singer Andy Gibson, Mike Clark of The Byrds, Paul D'Amour of Tool and Tyrone Wells, signed to Universal Music Group. The local scene is covered by The Spokesman-Review and The Pacific Northwest Inlander.

Spokane Music Acts

Idle Eye * Jared Finck * Craziness * McGavin * Torino Drive * Ms Breanna Perez * Oceans Divide * Crimson Resolve * Dan Cummins * Urban Monroes *

Local Highlights

Music of the Pacific Northwest region is somewhat influenced by the green landscape and wet weather. Songwriters of the region are inspired by mountains and rain. Former City Councilman Jack O'Brien was a collector of songs about Spokane. He protested the lyrics to the humorous country song "Spokane Motel Blues" by Tom T. Hall. Another song that paid tribute to Spokane was "The Lilac City" by country singer Dale Miller.

Spokane Night Out is a website that breaks down the Spokane music scene into different genres from alternative rock to country to electronica to heavy metal and hip hop. The website is a hub for finding restaurants, bars and entertainment in the Spokane area. Some of the local bands found on the site include Live Conspiracy, Strange Brew, Sucker Punch, Pat Coast, Ronn Greene, Kosh and Spokane Symphony.

In September 2013 the Spokane music community mourned the loss of rapper Isamu Jordan, who was found dead at his home. Throughout his career he was a DJ, rapper, newspaper reporter and poet. He was also the leader of hip hop group the Flying Spiders. According to his friend Jess Walter, his music was about community and music being a bridge between people. Nicknamed Som, Jordan was 37 years old.

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