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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Sarasota, Florida Music Scene

The Sarasota-Bradenton market is in between Tampa-St. Petersburg and Ft. Myers. A 2009 estimate of the metropolitan population was over 688,000. Campuses include University of South Florida, Manatee Sarasota Campus and State College of Florida. The local scene is covered by The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, The Observer and Pelican Press. Just like with the Great Depression, Sarasota was affected early in the financial crisis. The history of the Sarasota music scene does not include many acts who have achieved national success.

Sarasota Music Acts

Katerina Stamatelos * Diego Godino * Shannon Raybuck * Cherry Creek * The Human Condition * Yahaloma * RJ Howson * David Berry * Katy Crowell * One Night Rodeo *

Local Highlights

Have Gun, Will Travel is a Sarasota band in the acoustic country/folk vein. Their traditional sound includes harmonica and banjo. The band is headed by Matt Burke. They have recorded several albums and have toured the country. Their song "Blessing and a Curse" was used in a Chevy Traverse ad. The band is working on recording their fifth album in 2014.

Sons of Hippies is a Sarasota band that explored many ambient layers of rock. They have a cutting edge sound that makes them one of the area's most inventive acts. They have gained following outside of Sarasota such as in Tampa. The band is led by lead singer Katherine Kelly. Her husband Jonas Conales plays drums.

Dean Johanesen was listed at Sarasota's top artist for all genres in ReverbNation in January 2013. He appeals to country and Americana fans and his music has a storyteller presentation. He has been playing guitar since age 12. He studied jazz while growing up in New York. He currently lives in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. He introduced a music program for pre-school children in his community. He has performed in New York and London.

In early February 2016 the second annual Sarasota Music Half Marathon sold out, making it the second year in a row it has done so. The 2016 race for February 7 has raised over $25,000. The race includes local music scene band members from 20 groups and music provided by the Sarasota High School Sailor Marching Band and The Kara Nally Band.

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