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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Santa Rosa, CA Music Scene

Santa Rosa is known more for its wineries than musicians. The vineyards, redwoods and Russian River attract tourists from all over the world. Although not mant well known recording artists have come from the area, some big films have been made in Santa Rosa including "Scream" and "Die Hard 2." In the 2010 Census the metropolitan area had a population of over 415,000. Campuses include Empire College, Santa Rosa Junior College, Sonoma State University and USF Santa Rosa. The local scene is covered by The Press Democrat and North Bay Bohemian. The history of the Santa Rose music scene does not include many acts who have gone on to the national spotlight.

Santa Rosa Music Acts

Cat McLean * Luvplanet * The Action Design * Natasha James * Keith Andrew * Coyote Grace * Benni Boom * Atomic Skunk * Mountaindawg * Five A.M. *

Local Highlights

Pop singer Barry Manilow donated a $10,000 check to the Santa Rosa County School System in January 2014. The money camefrom his charity organization called The Manilow Music Project. It's a gift to help disadvantaged schools. The money will help pay for books and other musical education materials. Manilow has sold over 80 million albums and is well known for a string of 70s hits as well as commercial jingles.

Guy Henry Mueller is a creative local artist who was interviewed by The Oak Leaf News in 2010. He has been performing with his band Low Five since 2007. Mueller said in the interview that he plays guitar, drums, keyboards and sometimes bass. Some of the other bands he performs with include Iditaroad and Starskate. He has also studied dance and theater. One of his musical influences was Radiohead. In July 2013 he released a solo album called November.

One of the best places to learn about the Santa Rosa music scene is the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. The online newspaper provides event listings for local shows. Some of the local venues the publication covers include the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, Chrome Lotus and Hopmonk Tavern. The publication is helpful for people who enjoy exploring wine tasting.

Bellevue Elementary participated in a program that let students perform on stage with the Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra on January 27, 2016 in Santa Rosa. The concert was held at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts. The program was part of the Wells Fargo Center's non-profit foundation's desire to provide free ukeleles and lessons to underserved kids in the area.

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