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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local San Jose Music Scene

The history of the San Jose music scene has included The Doobie Brothers, Smash Mouth, Count Five and Nikki Sixx. Since it is part of the San Francisco Bay Area it attracts artists from both the East Bay and San Francisco. The region is home to many tech industry professionals who work in Silicon Valley. Historically, San Jose has been the most rockin' city in the Bay Area while Oakland leans more hip hop and San Francisco leans hip hop, electronica and alternative.

San Jose Music Acts

Amy Meyers * Big Noise Radio * Blue Surfdogz * Daniel Amos * Dolly Rappaport * Elements of Truth * Great American Taxi * I Swallowed an Owl * John Noble * Johnny Lima * Joseph Velasquez * Julie Day and Associates * KOJI * Kat Parra * Leatherettes * Lethal Even Asleep * Lisa Taylor * Madman's Lullaby * Monsters Are Not Myths * OGeez * Ozzmak * Paradiso * Planet Ronin * Rob Owen * Rooster Crows * Shane Dwight * The Holdup * Thomas Radman * Time's Forgotten * Tori Quinn * Tracy Cruz * Whiskey Avengers * Xavier Toscano * Zayra Yves *

San Jose Local Music Scene History

Known as "San Jose's Ambassador of Jazz," trumpeter Eddie Gale died at age 78 of cancer on July 17, 2020. He was born in Brooklyn August 15, 1941. He helped develop the "free jazz" genre and was a long-time member of the Sun Ra Arkestra troupe, which he joined in the early sixties. He also played with many big name jazz colleagues such as John Coltrane, Cecil Taylor and Elvin Jones.

The San Jose Jazz Summer Fest lineup for 2017 in Downtown has been announced, as published in the San Jose Mercury News on March 14, 2017. Some of the top names to be playing during the August 11-13 concerts will be George Clinton, The Whispers, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Angelique Kidjo, Maceo Parker and Chris Botti. Other acts include Jazz By Five with Javon Jackson, George Cables, Randy Brecker, Eddie Gomez & Jimmy Cobb, Pacific Mambo Orchestra and Emilio Solla Quartet.

One of the most celebrated bands from San Jose has been Smash Mouth. They were formed in 1994 with Steve Harwell on vocals. The rest of the line-up that included the musicians who played on their late 90s hits were drummer Kevin Coleman, guitarist Greg Camp and bassist Paul De Lisle. The band had huge alternative hits such as "Walkin' on the Sun" in 1997 and "All Star" in 1999. By 2012 the band was no longer signed to Universal and was signed to 429 Records.

San Jose is full of night clubs to see live music. Some of the popular venues in the Downtown area include Satori, San Pedro Square Market, Hedley Club Lounge, The Rodeo Club, California Theatre and The Blank Club. Blues fans may enjoy JJ's Blues in West San Jose. Some of the venues where you will find regular live events include The Grapevine, Poor House Bistro, Fahrenheit Restaurant and Lounge and San Jose Museum of Art.

A group of local music fans have united to try to reopen the Mexico Theater, which originally opened in 1949 as The Mayfair. The theater is located at the corner of Santa Clara and 25th Street. The theater may be reopened as an all ages venue for movies, music and other entertainment. The venue covers about 8,000 square feet. The organizers have started a crowdfunding campaign to fund the project.

As the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose and its surrounding South Bay areas have a lot to do with the direction musical platforms have developed in the 21st century. Facebook, which allows fans to share music, is based in Menlo Park. Apple, which ushered in iTunes, is based in Cupertino. Google and YouTube, which are how many people find music these days, are based in Mountain View. Many other tech companies involved with music are based throughout the Bay Area, such as Pandora, which has been streaming music since 2000.

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