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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local San Antonio Music Scene

The history of the San Antonio music scene includes SWV, Butthole Surfers and Charlie Sexton. Popular San Antonio venues for live music include The White Rabbit, Magestic Theater and Sunken Garden Theater. An excellent resource for exploring and staying up to date with the San Antonio music scene is SA The city had a vibrant local rock scene in the 60s and 70s. In recent decades the city has fallen in the shadow of Austin, which has produced a more prominent music scene.

Amber Noel * Blowing Trees * Brison Bursey Band * Bryson Brooks * Danny Tallerico * Divine Charle'nee * Girl in a Coma * Laura Marie * Lee-Zetta * Mirplanet * Open Chapter * Oridium * Rhyme Mind Theory * Ruthus * Sad Girl * Sarah Ashley Ramirez * Shane Vasquez * Smallest Bundle of Light * Stacy Nevaeh * Steve Mohacey * Steven Marcus * Stickfigures * Sweet City Avenue * Two Tons of Steel * Westlife *

Local Highlights

The San Antonio Current ( published a retrospective on March 15, 2017, exploring its history since its launch in 1986. The article made reference to local acts of the sixties, such as Sir Douglas Quintet, Doug Sahm and Freddy Fender. It even dove deeper into history by mentioning venues of the era, such as Los Padrinos, Beauregard Cafe, Brazakas Reef, The Ize Box, The Twelfth Hole, The Meriden and Good Time Charlie's.

On June 21, 2013 The Guardian published an article about San Antonio's top ten live music venues. Some of these venues included Club Rio, Sam's Burger Joint, 502 Bar, Gruene Hall and Graham Central Station, which is the home of six night clubs. Many of the bars feature tejano and conjunto.

The San Antonio Music Awards are held every September. The event features several bands playing a wide range of styles at several locations. The genres include indie pop/rock, electronic/hip hop, Latin Alternative, Ska/reggae/punk and Americana/folk. The awards event attracts friends of the many bands who are playing. Some of the local venues mentioned in the 2013 award video included Nightrocker, 502 Bar and The Empire.

Bekah Kelso is a singer-songwriter who returned to her hometown San Antonio in 2012 after touring the U.S. and Canada for four years. She was interviewed by San Antonio Magazine in January 2014 and talks about being part of the Austin music scene. She compares Austin has having a more established music infrastructure than San Antonio. She released an album in 2013 called Within the Shifting Shade.

The San Antonio Current attracted over 23,000 reader votes for its 2015 San Antonio Music Awards. Musician awards went to Elora Valdez, Nick Valdez, Eloy Espinoza, Nick Williams, Elise Garcia and Alvaro del Norte. Best song was "Hotel Lobby" by Michael J. & The Foxes and best album was Desert Sons by Lonely Horse. Best video was "Strong" by Kae Hache.

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