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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Salt Lake City Music Scene

Salt Lake City has not produced many nationally known recording acts besides The Osmonds in its history, but the region has an indie music scene. Being the home of the Sundance Film Festivals is a major attraction for independent artists. In the 2010 Census the metro had a population over one million people. Campuses include Brigham Young University, University of Utah, Westminster College and Salt Lake Community College. The free annual Twilight Concert Series draws thousands of people at Pioneer Park. The local music scene is covered by The Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret Morning News and Salt Lake City Weekly.

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Local Highlights

Koala Temple are an experimental band from Salt Lake City that has released several albums, such as Blue Milk. The band performed a free reunion show on December 28, 2016 at the Urban Lounge. Other bands on the bill included 90s Television and Muzzle Tung. Craig Murray is the vocalist for Kaola Temple. Other band members include drummer/vocalist Taylor Clark, bassist Josh Brown and synth/vibess player Andrew Sato.

One of the best resources for staying up to date on Salt Lake City music is City Weekly. The website includes news, blogs, events and classifieds. It's also a good place to learn about local bands such as The North Valey and Float the Boat. The site keeps you up to date on events in Salt Lake City and reviews several of the latest local CD releases. Venues mentioned for live entertainment include 5 Monkeys, ABG's, Area 51 and Art's Place.

One of the most prominent bands to come from Provo, Utah has been Neon Trees, which formed in 2005. The band gained exposure by touring with The Killers in 2008. Their first album called Habits was released in 2010 on Mercury Records. Their song "Animal" became a top hit at alternative rock radio. The band includes vocalist Tyler Glenn, Chris Allen, Branden Campbell, Elaine Bradley and David Charles. The band members each belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Used are from Orem, Utah, where they formed in 2001. Their self-titled debut album came out on Reprise Records a year later and generated three hit singles. They went on to release several albums and have sold millions of units worldwide. Band members include Bert McCracken, Quinn Allman, Jeph Howard and Dan Whitesides. The band's sound has moved from pop/rock to more experimental sounds.

Salt Lake City Weekend decided that its "Best of Utah" contest for 2016 will involve online voting instead of taking place at a venue. While last year the competition only covered three genres, this year there are 21 musical categories represented. The contest will result in three winners who will get to open the Twilight Concert Series next summer. Voting takes place online from January 27 through February 15. The results will be announced in the March 3 issue.

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