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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Providence Music Scene

Providence began calling itself the "Creative Capital" in the 21st century to reflect the arts. It's also a city known for manufacturing jewelry and silverware. The metro area had a population of over 1.6 million people in the 2010 Census. The history of the Providence music scene has included Jeffrey Osborne, one of the most prominent artists to come from Providence. Campuses include Brown University, Johnson & Wales University, Providence College and Rhode Island College. covers the local music scene.

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Local Highlights

Four Pawtucket schools will receive music instruments in 2018 from the Newport Festivals Foundation. Tolman High School and three middle schools will be the recipients. Several of the gifts are brass instruments, while Slater Middle School was given an acoustic guitar and two electric guitars. The donations come at a time when many schools across the nation are cutting budgets for music and arts.

Manchester 65 opened its doors as a concert venue in the summer of 2013 and is owned by Jim Vickers, who wants to promote positive music, such as ska music. The venue is located in the Crompton Mill Historic District. The large stage is set high, creating an ideal artistic atmosphere. The building is made of stone an brick. One side of the room is a stage and the the other is a lounge.

Malyssa BellaRosa has been a prominent fixture on the Portland music scene. She started her music career playing in a Providence band called S&M then became a solo performer. She has been writing songs since an early age. Some of the artists who have inspired her have included Donna Summer, Pat Benatar, Karen Carpenter and Carly Simon. By the 1990s she was heavily inspired by alternative artists such as Nirvana.

James "Jimmy" Reynolds, Jr. was an audio engineer for over 40 years for Providence musicians. He passed away on December 25, 2013 at the age of 64. Reynolds had worked with several big name acts including InnerCircle, The Black Crows and John Hammond. He served as the assistant engineer on several big name recordings. In the 1970s and 1980s he was a partner for concert promoter Banzini Brothers.

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