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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Pittsburgh Music Scene

Pittsburgh has been home to the steel industry as well as several Platinum artists. In the 2010 Census the metropolitan area had a population of over 2.3 million. The main campuses are Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh. The local scene is covered by The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Pittsburgh City Paper. The history of the Pittsburgh music scene has included Christina Aguilera, George Benson, Perry Como, Henry Mancini, Shanice, Nancy Wilson, Gene Kelly, Donnie Iris, Lou Chiristie, The Vogues, Bobby Vinton, The Marcels, Coolio, Wiz Khalifa and Kenny Clarke.

Pittsburgh Music Acts

Mac Miller * Necessary Experience * Kellee Maize * Safe From Exposure * Melanie Parson * The Juliana Theory * Bryan Cole * Melody Joy * The Umbrella Corporation * Applez *

Local Highlights

The Pittsburgh Music Eco-system Project is underway in 2018. The City's Office of Nighttime Economy has partnered with the Downtown Partnership and 91.3 WYEP to research the market to determine best practices for improving the local entertainment industry. It will help tackle regulatory issues such as sound ordinances and will enhance tourism. The project is led by Don Pitts, who has conducted several surveys with local residents on how they feel about issues regarding music.

Non-commercial radio station WYEP 91.3 plays local music of Pittsburgh and invites local musicians to submit music in a playable CD format. They require that the material be locally created and the album must be currently on sale in local stores or online. The station celebrated its 40th anniversary on the air in 2014.

Pittsburgh Music Scene is devoted to the local music scene, providing links to venues and music stores. Some of the venues listed include 31st Street Pub, Birmingham Bridge Tavern, Cafe Supreme, Howlers, Lava Lounge and Paint Room. The site also lists Pittsburgh area radio stations. It's a resource that brings together a lot of information and organizations involved with the Pittsburgh music scene.

Pittsburgh Music Magazine puts local musicians in the spotlight with news stories. The magazine raises awareness about local music not just for Pittsburgh residents, but for the world. Some of the bands that the magazine has interviewed include big name acts such as Kiss, Motley Crue, Korn, Rise Against and The Black Keys.

"A Walking Tour of Pittsburgh's Music Scene with Ian Friend gives a good summary of the local music scene. The online magazine is a resource for travelers. The report covers the Three Rivers scene of the past decade. Some of the venues mentioned include The Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, The Brillbox and The Smiling Moose. You can learn a lot about local nostalgia through signings in the new century, such as Iron City Hooligans. Some of the local bands mentioned include Donoroa, The Silver Thread, Drugula and The Traditionals.

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