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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local New Haven, CT Music Scene

New Haven is widely known for its top employer, Yale University. The history of the New Haven music scene has included the Carpenters, Artie Shaw, Liz Phair, Michael Bolton and Sonny Berman. Other campuses include Southern Connecticut State University, Quinnipiac University and University of New Haven. In the 2010 Census the metropolitan population was over 846,000. Many free shows are held at New Haven Green every summer. The venue Toad's Place has written a lot of punk history. The local scene is covered by The New Haven Register, The New Haven Advocate and The New Haven Independent.

New Haven Music Acts

The Alternative Routes * Bek Phillips * Exclu$ive * Edwin Keys * King For a Day * Otto Key * Falling Up Stairs * ARTworK MuSICK * Drew Ross * Rick Frost *

New Haven Local Music Scene History

Local officials and promoters launched "Summer Saturdays" for each weekend in July 2020. Participation included restaurants and retailers, that offered special deals. This rare public event during the coronavirus pandemic included music near the intersection of Chapel Street and College Street.

Hamden gains a new music venue and restaurant in 2018 called The Rough Draft, which replaces the former all ages venue called The Space, which closed in December 2017.

The University of New Haven offers a Bachelor's program for music industry courses. The coursework covers record companies, contracts, music marketing and merchandising, recording, publishing, copyright, concert planning, promotion and management. The program includes courses on music as an artform, including music theory and musicianship, as well as music history. Students who graduated from the program have wound up working for MTV, Sony and Universl.

Rock Lottery was a band contest held on August 24, 2013 at Cafe 9 following an August 9 drawing at Anna Liffey's. The bands were randomly thrown together and had two weeks to learn a few songs to play live. Sometimes this annual contest actually leads to contestants becoming real bands, which is what happened with Killer Kowalski a few years back. This year's line-up of entries included The Lost Riots, The Recordettes from New York City, Light Bulb Alley from Montreal and The Gene Gnomes.

3Penny Chorus and Orchestra, based in New Haven, appeared on the season premiere of the NBC summer variety TV show America's Got Talent on June 4, 2013. The talent show featured four judges including Howard Stern and Howie Mandel. The chroral group did a rendition of the Carly Jepsen hit "Call Me Maybe" featuring 60 singers and musicians.

The College Street Music Hall reopened in May 2015 after being vacant for over a decade. It's now the home of The College Street Music Hall, originally built in 1926 as The Palace. The opening night attracted 2,000 patrons featuring Pink Floyd tribute band The Machine and the Hartford Symphony Orchestra.

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