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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Minneapolis Music Scene

Prince, who launched his career at a club called First Avenue, is one of the moost legendary artists to come from Minneapolis. He also helped bring Apollonia 6 and Morris Day into the spotlight. The history of the Minneapolis music scene has included Paul Westerberg, The Replacements, Soul Asylum, Son Volt, The Jayhawks, The Trashmen, Ta Mara and The Seen, Next, Semisonic, Mint Condition and Babes in Toyland. Kay Bank is a recording studio that launched in the 50s and became a music industry attraction where many hits were recorded including by artists such as The Trashmen, David Dudley and The Castaways.

Minnesota Music Acts

Amyrrhond * Apraxia * Ari Herstand * Casey Carlson * Danika Love * Dark Dark Dark * Davina and the Vagabonds * Dee Miller Band * Desdamona * DJ Madness * Ellis * Eric Gales * Fragile * Gabe * Hillary Howard * Hurry! Let's Go * Jane Plank * Jesse Mueller * Jon Wayne And The Pain * Mackenzie Gainey * Matthew Griswold * Maureen Santiago * Melismatics * Michael James * Neon Attack! * Rick Stack * Romantica * Roster McCabe * Scott Holt * See The World * Snakehearts Stephanie Guzman * Sudden Lovelys * Talismen * Tripping Icarus * Vaudeville * Venus on Fire * Michael James Wachner Well Trained Monkey * Wildflower

Minneapolis Local Music Scene History

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz issued a stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus pandemic on March 27, 2020. Two familiar music venues - Fifth Element and Honey - went out of business. As music venues shut down, musicians took a greater interest in online streaming, such as on Facebook.

The Hennepin County Library has developed a site for Minnesota musicians called MnSPIN. It features over 50 local artists who offer free downloads. Patterned after similar library music projects that have emerged from Seattle, Portland and Nashville, the site features a wide array of styles, reflecting the region's diversity. The project is directed by Lois Langer Thompson, who works with a panel of local music experts to select music for the site.

Owen Husney, who managed Prince, released a book in 2018 that documents his memories in the music industry called Famous People Who've Met Me. The book takes readers through his journey that includes playing with Minneapolis band the High Spirits, who had a local hit called "Turn On Your Love Light" in 1965. As a concert promoter he met Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Mick Jagger. He later became an executive for K-Tel and now teaches music business classes at UCLA.

Minneapolis label Forged Artifacts will be releasing its second local band compilation called The Greatest of All-Time Vol. 2 on May 5, 2017. It's a follow-up to The Greatest of All-Time Vol. 1 released in 2015. The new album will contain 18 tracks by artists such as Fury Things, Suzie, Ahem, What Tyrants, Tony Peachka, Private Interests, Cheap Fantasy and Panther Ray.

Prince turns out to have the best selling album of all time from Minnesota, according to a sales research survey published in Andrea Swensson's February 22, 2014 blog on The study revealed that Prince's classic album Purple Rain has been the state's only album that to receive a "diamond award" for sales of 13 million units. Number two on the list of the state's best sellers is Bob Dylan's five million selling Dylan's Greatest Hits followed by Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. II, which sold about the same amount.

The top local music act in Minneapolis is alternative band Radio Drive, according to ReverbNation's overall local chart for all genres in Februay 2014. R&B act Mint Condition on Caged Bird Records is number two. Other leading local artists include pop singer Nathan Anderson, rapper CallMeZone, singer-songwriter Ben Kyle and indie band Flora Cash. The scene is full of hip hop artists such as C4, Jibril IL and Profhet.

Minneapolis was ranked the number two best music city in the U.S. by in 2012. The list was based on the top five cities with the best music scenes outside of New York and Los Angeles. The city on top was Athens, Georgia. Other cities that made the top ten included Portland, Oregon at number three, followed by Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Omaha, Nebraska. Rounding out the top ten were Cambridge, MA, Fort Worth, TX, Madison, WI, Tulsa, OK and Concord, CA.

First Avenue & 7th Street Entry has become a legendary hub of the Minneapolis music scene. It's the place where Prince made the movie Purple Rain. It's also where alternative bands Husker Du, The Replacements and Soul Asylum got their start. Prince continues to live in the area and maintain his business at Paisley Park Studios. Although Prince has spent time in Los Angeles, he has returned to Minneapolis as his home.

The Minnesota Orchestra presents an annual "Future Classics" concern each year that attracts a diverse audience of muslc fans at Orchestra Hall, as 2016 marks the event's 13th year. Out of hundreds of applications, seven young composed are awarded the opportunity to get career guidance through music seminars. osmo Vanska is the music director of the event.

Dark Dark Dark: Interview
by Jeff Milo, Tiny Mix

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