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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Miami Music Scene

Miami is more known for its high energy dance clubs than for live local bands, but big names have come from the area. Latino music is dominant in the area as influences can be felt from the Cuba, Dominican Republic, South America and the Caribbean. One the most notable bands from Miami has been The Miami Sound Machine featuring vocalist Gloria Estefan.

The history of the Miami music scene has also included 2 Live Crew, Enrique Iglesias, KC & The Sunshine Band, Flo Rida, Pitbull, New Found Glory, Tag Team, Quad City DJs, Debbie Deb, Terri Gibbs, L'Trimm, Saigon Kick, Dre, Expose, Stevie B, Marilyn Manson, DJ Khaled and Trick Daddy. The New York Times wrote a piece about the Miami music scene called "In South Florida, Tropical Bohemia in the Makings," by Evelyn McDonnell in November 2008.

Local Acts

Adelina Halmajan * Afrobeta * Art Official * Bachaco * Black Violin * Counting Clouds * Crystal Marie * Dawn Erica * Debbie Orta * Edwin Bonilla * Etone * Helios * Julie Ciero * K Dubb The Truth * Kailey Billings * Leeza Monay * Liquid Deep * Lisa Pike * Lucia * Marala * Michael Norman * Michelle Monzo * Mirella Cesa * Nia Devine * Pat Hunter Project * Richie Lane * Robbie Rivers * Sage Experience * Simone * 7 Milez of Muzik * Sharo Torres * Sopheye * Stephen Marley * Steve Pierce * Sylvia Bennett * 13th Floor * Tiffany Miranda * Trez Ora * Usheda * Vince Broomfield * Zac Chandler Band * Zaida

Miami Local Music Scene History

Miami was one of the most vulnernable cities during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, due to it being an international travel hub. The shutdown of music venues led to many musicians moving online to deliver performances. The University of Miami's Frost School of Music offered free show called "Live at Home in the City Beautiful." Another virtual series that emerged was "From Our HeARTS to Your Home" by Arts Garage.

Multi-Platinum singer/songwriter Camila Cabello stars in a musical documentary film produced by YouTube called Made In Miami, which is dedicated to immigrant families. The film, released in February 2018, tells the artist's story of coming to Miami from Cuba at age 5 and then evolving as a pop/r&b singer. She was born in 1997 and became famous in 2012 with the group Fifth Harmony on the second season of X Factor US. She has had a string of hit singles on the Billboard Hot 100 including the number one song "Havana" in 2017. The track is featured on her chart-topping Epic solo debut album Camila released in January 2018.

Several Miami venues helped raise Hurricane Irma relief funds in September 2017, as reported by the Miami New Times. The publication reported five parties at Electric Pickle, Do Not Sit on the Furniture, Counter Corner, Armando Records and Filling Station Lofts. Another musical fundraiser was the free Wallcast Concert at Soundscape Park featuring the New World Symphony, which invited guests to bring donations for the Miami Foundation

Super Fuzz has been getting press in Miami and making waves across the country. In the summer of 2016 Playlist Research interviewed Chris Alvy of the band, as they headed to Los Angeles for a few shows. Alvy started out as a pro baseball player on various teams. After an injury forced him out of the game, he decided to pursue music. Chris writes songs for Sony Music ATV and has recorded several original songs with the band.

Miami's musical history has deep roots that include music brought to the region from Spain. Since Miami is one of the nation's most popular seaports, it naturally has an international feel. Local artists have plenty of opportunities to play in public in establishments such as Grand Central, The Stage, The Vagabond, The Electric Pickle and Churchill's Pub.

Millions of television viewers saw scenes of South Miami on the TV series Miami Vice, which lasted from 1984 to 1989. The show unleashed a lot of popular music, including the theme song by Jan Hammer and "Smuggler's Blues" by Glenn Frey. The show was so popular it helped preserve the city's Art Deco architecture, especially in beach settings, becoming an interest for tourists.

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