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Local Long Island Music Scene

Long Island is composed of four New York counties east of Manhattan: Kings, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk. In the 2010 Census the metro area of Nassau-Suffolk had a population of 2.4 million while the broader Long Island population was 7.5 million. Campuses include State University of New York, Hofstra University and Long Island University. The local scene is covered by Long Island and Newsday. Notable artists from the area include Mariah Carey, LL Cool J, Rick Rubin, Pat Benatar, Eric Bloom and Harry Chapin.

Long Island Music Acts

Jenna Rose * Crime In Stereo * Lisa Matassa * Anna Yvette * White Grizzly * DollyG * The Spin Room * Deep Rising * Jeff Regan * Marian K. Sawyer *

Long Island Local Music Scene History

Music acts throughout Long Island began focusing on live streaming performances during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, in which local venues closed. In April about 70 musicians participated in a video called "We Are the World 2020 - The Quarantine Mix," as reported by News 12.

Each year Long Island honors legendary songwriter Jimmy Bland as the greatest black writer of American Folk Song with a music competition. Long Island native Bland was born in 1854 and wrote over 700 songs. Winners of the February 2018 contest were Evan Min-Suk Oh, Kenneth Duong and Landin Thorsted. The event was sponsored by the Fredericksburg Host Lions, Aquia Harbour Host Lions, Aquia Evening Lions and Greater Falls Run Lions clubs.

The history of the Long Island music scene includes Billy Joel, Lou Reed, Public Enemy, Stray Cats and Blue Oyster Cult. Today there are less places to play than in the heyday of the late 20th century. Some of the more recent bands to have success have been Taking Back Sunday, Glassjaw, The Movielife, From Autumn to Ashes and The Sleeping. The music scene of 2013 is downsized from a decade earlier. One of the best places to see acoustic shows is the Blue Parrot.

The Sounds of Film Radio Show is American's longest running film and music-themed radio shows. The show, carried on State University of New York at Stony Brook student radio station WUSB, featured rap stars ChuckD. and Eric B. as guests on July 30, 2015 to talk about Nile Rodger's FOLD Festival and their appearances at the Long Island Music Hall of Fame as inductees. Both artists showed support for the local music scene from which their music careers were launched.

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