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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Indianapolis Music Scene

Indianapolis is known more for sports celebrities than music heroes. A heavy spotlight shines on Indianapolis as the site of Super Bowl XLVI for 2012. In the 2010 census the city had a population of over 800,000. Campuses include Ball State University, Butler University, amd Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. A lot of fun live music can be found in the Broad Ripple area near Butler University. The history of the Indianapolis music scene has included The Ink Spots, Babyface, Wes Montgomery and After 7. The local music scene is covered by, and as well as the local newspaper The Indianapolis Star.

Aaron Starr * Andrew Young * Bill ROC Woodson * Branch Gordon * Cassidy * Cheryl Johnston * Corey Cox * Covington * Cynthia Layne * Daniel Joseph Band * Domo Rausean * Drache Music * Edward Paul Fly * Gene Deer * Green Light Project * Heather Michele * Jeff Vanderplough * Liz Fohl * Jeremy Vogt * Jessie Brown * Jessie and Amy * LaSean * Mars or the Moon * Midnight Stone * Mike Farmer * Nicole Michelle * Nightburner * Obsession * Patchwork * Paxton Norris * Poltergeist * Pressed in Black * Rich Hardesty * Steffon Jones * Seven Mile Radius * 3union * Tommy Baldwin * Tony Silk * Tonya Misty * Tyler Mac * Verse * Vicki Hendley

Indianapolis Local Music Scene History

The 2020 pandemic led to mass shutdowns of public venues, so musicians and fans turned to the internet for virtual entertainment. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra of string, wind and horn sections participated in the digital migration with a video performance of Beethoven's Symphony No. 8.

A new low power FM (LPFM) radio station made its debut on the Indy airwaves in February 2017, called WQRT 99.1 FM, run by the cultural organization Big Car Collaborative in Garfield Park at the Tube Factory. LPFM are small community stations broadcasting at 100 watts or less. The experimental music show Sound Lab is hosted by musician Oreo Jones., "Indy's Alternative Voice" resource, published a review of Indianapolis' music scene local artist projections for the next 25 years on March 25, 2015. Some of the quotes used to reflect on the period were by Klinik of Pimpin' Hard Daily, Fred Miller, Lisa Walker, drummer Cameron Davis of Perfect Teeth, Zach Molina and Carter Seaton. The common sentiment was a desire for live musician opportunities to grow. was a website that documented local shows from 2001 to 2005. It was founded by Matt Fecher and attracted thousands of local fans. Fecher moved to Denver but the site continued after his departure through 2011. The original site no longer exists but fans can still visit a tribute site that features updated WordPress pages. It contains many archives such as CD reviews, concert reviews and lots of photos. IMN held a 10 year reunion in 2011 and the podcast is still available on the tribute site. Some of the bands featured on this reunion show were The Whigs, Stephen Kellogg, Jascha and Extra Blue.

IndyStar writer David Lindquist celebrated his 15 year anniversary with the publication by reflecting on his interview with singer Jake Smith of the RCA band The Mysteries of Life at Mezzaluna on May 4, 1998. The Bloomington, Indiana band was a breath of fresh air for pop fans at a time when mainstream radio had become very homogenized with lots of soundalike formula music. Jake's wife Freda Love was the drummer, along with Dale Lawrence and bassist Kenny Childers. Another drummer was LonPaul Ellrich. Their first RCA album was Keep A Secret in 1996. Their next album called Come Clean was released two years later. You can find Lindquist's interview with Jake here.

Raw Natural Born Artists is an international website that covers local scenes all over the world, including the Indianapolis music scene, as well as other local culture. It's a social media site where regional artists can share their work with the world. Some of the Indy bands featured on the site include Midnight Lamps, Amani Tre Niner, Roj Mahal, Diablo Syndrome, Amber Michelle Harper and Sk!rk. RAW is essentially a site by and for independent artists. The site covers 60 U.S. cities.

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