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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Fresno Music Scene

The history of the Fresno music scene has included Cher, Journey singer Steve Perry and Warren Zevon. Korn was originally from Bakersfield and developed in the region that includes Fresno. The metropolitan area had a population of 1.1 million in the 2010 Census. Campuses include California State University at Fresno and Fresno City College. The Downtown area was revitalized in the 1990s. The local scene is covered by The Fresno Bee. Fresno has also been the home of Timmy T, Gary Jules, Jordan Knight, Barry McGuire, Fashawn and Planet Asia.

Fresno Music Acts Destiny Campbell * Laura Davis * Mr. Dark * The Human Project * Patrick Contreras * ZZT * Misty Lee Olson * Earl Lee Bird Project * Motel Drive * Brandon Wilson *

Fresno Local Music Scene History

Local concert photographer Steven Sanchez released a book in 2020 that documents Fresno concerts. The book is called Rock & Roll for Everybody." The photos were taken from 2016 to 2018 in local venues such as Bitwise, Fulton 55 and Save Mart Center.

The Fresno City Council has opened the topic of large music festivals and curfews for debate in 2018. Local leaders and event organizers have spent time weighing the pros and cons of Grizzly Fest at Woodward Park for 15,000 attendees. Proponents say the show will bring $2 million to the city May 18-19. Controversy has surrounded the headline act Snoop Dogg and the proposal to extend the show until midnight.

Dynamite Vinyl is a museum and a record store that carries obscure titles. The store sells near mint rare collector's items such as colored vinyl. The store is located at 1746 Van Ness Avenue and celebrated its grand opening in 2015, featuring Sleeve, Wallflower and The Inciters. is a website that showcases the entertainment of Fresno. The music section featuring writer Joshua Tehee includes artist interviews, concerts, album releases, reviews and the latest happenings with local artists. The blog stays up to date with other Fresno blogs and any type of new media covering the local scene, including Twirl Radio's special Fresno edition of it's unique programming by Mike Lidskin out of Sacramento.

The presented their 2012 Year in Review edition on January 29, 2013, written by Colby Tibbet. Some of Fresno's highlights mentioned in the article was the CD release party of Catacomb Party by Fierce Creatures at Downtown Fulton Mall, the ongoing story of twang band Old Tire Swingers and all ages pub Fresno Brewing Company. Some bands who have helped make the pub a happening place include the Sci-Fi Capers and Light Thieves. This yearend review article can be found here.

The F.U.S.E. Festival stands for Fresno Urban Sound Experience. It is Fresno's version of a celebration of authentic local artists and venues. It covers many genres such as rock, alternative, jazz and rap. Venues that showcase performers include Warnor's Theatre Complex, Peeve's Public House, Tokyo Garden and Fulton 55.

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