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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Boulder, Colorado Music Scene

Boulder and Denver share similar regional cultures since Boulder is only 25 miles Northwest of Denver. In 2010 Census the city of Boulder had a population approaching 100,000. The city has a reputation for progressive views and high ranking quality of life. The main campus is University of Colorado at Boulder. Many legendary recordings have been made at Northstar Studios. The history of the Boulder music scene has included Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Jello Biafra, Wendy Woo, Otis Taylor and The Samples. The local music scene is covered by The Boulder Weekly.

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Boulder Local Music Scene History

During 2020 the local music scene shifted from live venues to online streaming. The Fox Theatre in Boulder was named the 4th "Best Club in America" for live talent by Rolling Stone in 2013.

The 2015 Big Boulder Music & Art Festival at Heeley People's Park on September 6 marks the event's fourth year. The free six hour event features arts and crafts and local music with performances by Early Cartographers, The Angel Brothers, The Cuckoo Clocks, Dariush Karani, Eastern Seaboard Radio Station, The Bronze and Avital Raz. Proceeds from food and other vendor sales go to Heeley People's Park.

Complaints from a resident led to Downtown Boulder bakery and venue Spruce Confections being cited for a local noise violation. Despite presenting live acoustic music Sunday mornings for eight years, the venue was issued a noise ticket on August 4, 2013. The cafe/bakery, managed by Samantha Meyer, is located at 767 Pearl Street. Boulder's municipal code states that "No person shall engage in, or be responsible for, a course of conduct which is so loud that it materially interferes with or disrupts another individual in the conduct of activities at such individual's home." This story was written about in this Mitchell Byars article 8/12/2013 in the Daily Camera Boulder News.

Catherine Underhill was the Executive Director of the classical music-oriented Colorado Music Festival for eleven years before resigning in 2013 to return to her home in Syracuse, New York, where she wants to repeat the success she had in Colorado. Since 2003 she has strengthened the event's programming and revenue has steadily grown. One of the big changes she oversaw was the merger of the Colorado Music Festival and Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts in Lafayette in 2009. One of the reasons she is returning to Syracuse is to help Symphoria, the musical group that replaced the Syracuse Symphony, which filed bankruptcy in 2011. This story was written about in this Kelly Dean Hansen article 8/12/2013 in the Daily Camera Boulder News.

The jazz-inspired Springdale Quartet have released their second album called Heist. The band is actually more rooted in 90s music and classic rock but add jazz flavors to their upbeat dance music. The band consists of Chase Terzian, Ben Waligoske, Greg Russell and Jordan Roos. They were written about in this Ashley Dean interview 8/20/2013 on

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