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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Boise Music Scene

Boise has received high ratings from Forbes as one of the nicest cities in America. It's low crime and high employment give the city a high quality of life profile. Campuses include Boise State University and Idaho State University. The Gene Harris Jazz Festival is held every spring in Boise. Notable recording artists from the area include Paul Revere and Curtis Stigers. The local music scene is covered by Boise Weekly. Some of the venues where local artists play include Neurolux, The Red Room, Alive After Five, Shorty's Nightclub and The Knitting Factory. The history of the Boise music scene has not been a long list of nationally signed acts.

Austin Williamson * Blaze and Kelly * Douglas Cameron * Ella Ferrari * Gayle Chapman * Hanzola * Harbor Royale * Jim Fishwild * Johnny F. Butler * Josh Ritter * Jumping Sharks * Krista * Marcus Eaton * Nightlife of Trees * Rubicon 7 * Salt the Seas * Sarah Hughes * The Forgotten * The Universal * Thomas Paul *

Boise Local Music Scene History

Local jazz/blues artist Curtis Stigers has called The Record Exchange in Boise "the world's greatest record store," as published in Boise Dev in April 2020. The store, which closed during the coronavirus pandemic, supports local music. The store turned 43 years old in 2020.

Although a few local venues such as the Knitting Factory and the Revolution Concert House have staged all ages shows, the need for a permanent all ages music venue has been debated in recent years. In 2017 teens helped set up a temporary venue for the Treefort Music Fest. A new non-profit organization called the Boise All-Ages Movement Project (B-AMP) has partnered with Treefort to create opportunities for teen concerts, as reported by Boise State Public Radio.

The 2015 Boise Music Festival was held on Saturday, June 27 at Expo Idaho. The one day event featured Shaggy, LMFAO's Redfoo, Rob Thomas, Plain White T's, Nick Jonas and Glorianna. There were also local stages to showcase various genres. The country/American stage was headlined by Ned Evett & Future Folk. The headliner for the hip hop/urban stage was Bounce House featuring MC Shake. The Naomi Psalm Band was the main attraction on the singer/songwriter stage. Midline topped the bill on the rock/alternative stage. For family enertainment Beneath the Surface was the headliner. Acts for the EDM stage included Ramz, Big Ups, KC Jonez, ResQ, Trakstarz and Jeff Lynn.

The Boise Music Festival at Expo Idaho attracted about 85,000 people on July 27, 2013, but the effects on local business were mixed, according to KBOI 2News. On the downside, when the parking lot overflowed, cars began to fill up the parking lots of nearby stores and restaurants. On the other hand, it helped some business have record sales. This story was written about in this Jacqulyn Powell article 7/28/2013 on

Eric Gilbert, the founder of Treefort Music Fest and the band Finn Riggins, is a leading figure of the Boise music scene. He's a top touring artist in the region and spends time as a talent manager for Duck Club Presents, which represents 16 bands. He also hosts a radio program called Antler Crafts. He says his goal is to inspire local bands to stay in Boise. This story was written about in this Harrison Berry article 7/31/2013 in Boise Weekly.

Pengilly's Saloon is a busy nightclub on Friday nights with pool players and live musicians, attracting diverse demographics. It was once called "the only true classic in Boise" by Esquire Magazine. The bar opened in 1976 and has grown in capacity over time. The club is owned by Allen Ireland, who has a hands on approach and emphasizes customer service. The club was written about in this Amy Atkins article 7/31/2013 in Boise Weekly.

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