Interview with Indie Musician Zebidy Tank of Drop Tank

by Alex Cosper

Conducted May 12, 2015 on Facebook

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to interview Zebidy Tank of the Los Angeles indie band Drop Tank today on Facebook for my site Playlist Research .. Zeb is originally from Australia and loves to play punk rock. Zeb, thanks for joining me today.

Zeb: Hi how are you Alex?

Alex: Great, Zeb .. Great to talk with you again. Have things changed much since we last spoke?

Zeb: Yes! We have finally been touring North America which has been amazing.

Alex: Last we talked your band Drop Tank was working on a new album. What became of that?

Zeb: We recorded an EP called Venom, which can be heard here:

Alex: I listened to that tune "Venom" and can confirm that it rocks. Please describe how your music has evolved over the years.

Zeb: I suppose it's moved from punk more into a rock sound .. We've become better players also, I would like to think. Also with touring we have switched our set up to a two piece and have incorporated a double amp set-up that sounds massive.

Alex: Here's an example of your 2 piece band in action last year in Houston. Tell us about your North American tour.

Zeb: We did a few tours last year. The first one we went out to play SXSW. We played every city in Texas and loved it. We love playing Texas. We have also toured out as far as Alabama. We hope to make it to the East Coast this year.

Alex: How about your original home in Australia? Have you traveled there since moving to America?

Zeb: Yes we have been back once or twice and have played show sin Sydney, but have not toured Australia since being over here.

Alex: What have you been doing to spread the word about your band Drop Tank?

Zeb: Touring and social media. But touring I think really is the best way for rock band to get their music out there because they are able to connect with their fans.

Would you say you are more influenced by Australian or American bands? By the way, I love a lot of bands from the "Land Down Under."

Zeb: Haha it all depends .. There are plenty of American bands that I grew up loving, but I suppose in terms of our sound there is definitely something raw that is unique to Australian rock and roll.

Alex: How long have you been playing electric guitar?

Zeb: About 7-8 years now.

Alex: And what came first - learning to play guitar or writing songs?

Zeb: They both kind of came together. I usually write a song by writing a riff on guitar and it builds from there. Writing riffs you can't play makes you a better guitarist as you have to learn how to play the riff you want to hear. And sometimes you're just jamming and something cool comes out. So they really both happen at the same time.

Alex: Tell me about your bandmate. How are you able to pull off a 2 peice band in an era when most bands are either 3 or 4 piece?

Zeb: He's an excellent drummer, and he has the same attitude as I do - play anywhere anytime. He's the type of person who doesn't mind sleeping in a van for the sake of touring if needed. He's not a pussy! Also the two piece thing just means I have to do more with pedals.

Alex: Do you have a magical way of playing guitar and bass at the same time or is the low end the drummer's responsibility with the kick drum?

Zeb: No, we just use a splitter pedal from my guitar into my regular amp and then and octave down pedal and bass amp. It creates a really full sound.

Alex: That sounds pretty rockin' .. Are you going to be playing in L.A. anytime this summer so that I can drive up from San Diego to check out Drop Tank?

Zeb: Yes we are playing the Viper Room on June 8th. Also, we have a West Coast tour coming up in late June/July up to Seattle and Portland.

Alex: Here's another one of your songs. I'm curious how big your repertoire is and whether you do mostly originals or mix it with covers.

Zeb: We do mostly originals but sometimes throw in a few covers too.

Alex: So tell me about the future of Drop Tank as far as recording. Is there anything new on the way and how far do you want to take it?

Zeb: We have a bunch of new songs that need to be recorded at some point, but right now we are focusing on the summer touring. Perhaps in the winter.

Alex: What is your opinion on the INDIE music revolution? Do you see it evolving?

Zeb: I have no idea. All I know is that bands who are good and persistent will build a good fan base, which will support them regardless of whatever is trending.

Alex: Here's your ReverbNation page. Do you have any other websites at this time? ..


Alex: Great, Zeb, I'll be all over it. I'm glad we could talk about your music career again this afternoon and you will remain on my radar for new music. Any closing thoughts?

Zeb: Thanks, it's been great talking to you again! Stay punk and support your local scene!

Alex: Great advice, Zeb, thanks for the interview.

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