Interviews with Radio Personality Tony Cox

by Alex Cosper

Conducted April, 30, 2000 at UPS Studio in Sacramento

How FM Took Over

Tony shares his background getting into radio at age 13 nearly a decade prior to the mass migration of listeners from AM to FM in 1978. The radio reason FM went from "underground" to "mainstream" that year was due to new innovative technology that corrected earlier FM car receiver problems of maintaining a consistent high fidelity signal.

Tony Cox meets Paul McCartney

Radio Theater of the Mind

During the 70s/80s radio era, radio jox had much more freedom to do what they wanted on the air, particularly on morning shows. Tony talks about his morning show experiences on KROY (later KROI) FM in Sacramento.

Tony Cox Explains Audience Perception

This interview is about how Tony prepared his morning show. Back then there was less emphasis on audience research and analysis and more emphasis on creativity.

Radio Deregulation in the 80s

The 1980s was the first era in which radio was enormously deregulated compared with the industry's history since the 1920s. Deregulation began with less technical knowledge required to enter the radio business as an on-air personality who operated equipment.

Transition from FM to Internet Radio

Dennis Newhall, who programmed KROY FM in the late seventies and early eighties, is included in this segment, discussing the freeform nature of music selection. He compares that era with the advent of internet radio. Tony Cox talks about how internet has opened the floodgates to everyone to do their own show, however, this phenomenon has also lowered standards of professionalism to a degree.

The Future of the Internet (From a 2000 Perspective)

In this segment Tony talks about his experiences with the internet and his visions of the future. This interview was recorded four years before the widespread adoption of broadband / high speed internet. At this time a significant percentage of the population was still on dial-up connections, which were difficult to maintain. Many times people were kicked offline every five minutes due to internet congestion. It was a also an early internet period when video was very difficult to stream and the online experience was still very sluggish.

Bonus Video: A Day of Local Legends (May 2014)

KZAP and FM 102 personality Kill R. Bee introduces Tony Cox, who mentions the local legends performing at the Sacramento Music Festival and Skip Music's 40th Anniversary in business. The event was held in Old Sacramento and was headlined by Tesla.

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