Alex Cosper Interviews California Radio Consultant Robert Endsley

Conducted Live November 16, 2019 on WSRadio.com

Robert Endsley is a consultant for radio stations in Eureka, California and has been involved with other stations in the state, as well as Texas. He called into "Social Music Talk" to share memories about his radio career that's involved working in various formats from alternative to talk. He's done it all, someone who has been on the air, done sales, promotions and has worked in management and consulting, overseeing multiple stations at one time.

Together we worked at alternative station KWOD/Sacramento in the 90s. Rob started as an intern briefly at Live 105 in San Francisco then came to KWOD in late 1991 just months after the station shifted from a top 40 format to a more modern rock-leaning sound. I had just been named Program Director in September 1991, the same month Nirvana's hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit" began getting airplay. Rob soon found himself as head of sales and promotion and eventually worked his way up to management until the station was acquired by Entercom in 2003.

During the KWOD years Rob and I worked closely together, as I oversaw programming and he handled the sales and promotions. We put station concerts together, such as Violent Femmes and Beck at Sac State in 1994 and part of a comeback tour for Love & Rockets in 1995, along with Everclear, rising band No Doubt and Jawbreaker. We did many creative and exciting on-air promotions and always were involved with movie premieres. KWOD was an exciting station because it was run independently and locally, giving it a very unique flavor. In the mid-nineties it was one of the highest rated alternative stations in America.

Whatever happened to KWOD? It was acquired by major radio owner Entercom in a controversial deal with KWOD's owner, who began having talks with the company in 1996 but about a year later said the station was not for sale. Courts ruled in favor of Entercom, which took over the station but failed to match the ratings of the station's heyday, so they changed the format and call letters. KWOD was a memorable station for the Sacramento community due to its adventurous music selection, creative air talent and fun promotions.

Rob includes his views about the radio industry, based on what he's learned over the years. In Part 1 Rob discusses how he came to radio with a business background he learned from his father's business. He reflects on how KWOD was where he learned the radio industry.

Robert Endsley Interview Part 1: Journey Through Radio

Robert Endsley Interview Part 2: Consulting Stations in California and Texas

Robert Endsley Interview Part 3: Today's Radio Issues

Robert Endsley Interview Part 4: 1990s-2000s KWOD Era

Those are the four segments from the 11/16/19 interview. The following Saturday we conducted a second hour long interview on 11/23/19. These interviews are part of a radio history project called "A Century of Radio" for university and beyond media research. Alternative radio stations of the 90s are what powered the popularity of several rising recording and touring acts of the period.

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