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Alex Cosper Interviews San Diego Radio Legend Mike Halloran

Conducted March 9, 2019 on

Listen to Mike Halloran Interview

Mike Halloran, who has programmed 91X in San Diego three different times, dropped by the studios of WS Radio in San Diego to do a podcast interview with Alex Cosper and Sam Cadura. The show was full of surprises and memories about Mike's associations with well known figures in the music industry and beyond. Growing up in Detroit, he even knew an important automaker icon.

In San Diego he has helped elevate the careers of countless musicians to a national level, including mega-multi-platinum artist Jewel. If you've ever wondered how Robert Plant, who has been interviewed by Halloran a few times, pronounces "D'yer Mak'er," this show has the answer. It could shock jocks who have been saying it wrong all along. He also explains how Dr. Seuss, who lived in San Diego, influenced the rhythmic sounds and rhymes in hip hop.

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