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Alex Cosper Interviews Howie Klein

Conducted March 23, 2019 on

Former Reprise President Howie Klein calls in on March 23, 2019 for a brief exchange, which sets up a future interview on his music industry career. Howie talks about how he argued with Oedipus at MIT college station WTBS (then later at WBCN/Boston) and Rodney Bingenheimer at KROQ/Los Angeles as to who had the first punk rock show on radio. Howie hosted a show on KSAN/San Francisco 1976-1978. He distinguishes his show from the others by saying he did an all punk show.

Howie currently writes a popular blog among progressives called "Down With Tyranny." He writes about political candidates around the entire United States and emphasizes Bernie Sanders as his top pick for the 2020 presidential election. Sanders was in Los Angeles at the time of this live podcast on WS Radio, a 24-streaming network based in San Diego. Howie set aside time for this interview.

Prior to arriving at Warner Brothers, Howie owned his own San Francisco Bay Area label, 415 Records, in which he signed Romeo Void. The song "Never Say Never" in 1982 appeared in a Grand Theft Auto video game as part of a fictional new wave radio station called 'Wave 103." Romeo Void cracked the national top 40 a few years later with "A Girl In Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)."

This interview is a 15 minute version of an hour long "Social Media Talk" show hosted by Alex Cosper.

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