Alex Cosper Interviews John Young

Conducted Live Saturday, October 14, 2019 at in San Diego

John Young hosts the morning show at KUIC in Vacaville, California, which is in between Sacramento and San Francisco, getting into both markets. The station is owned by Alpha Media, which has kept the station consistent with its roots. The format is a mix of adult contemporary hits and classics going back to the 70s. John is also a musician who has been writing songs and playing in bands for many years. He's living the dream in the sense he's near one of America's dream markets in San Francisco, while living near more down-to-earth Sacramento. So he gets the best of both worlds and his voice gets into the nation's fourth largest radio market.

The hour long interview was divided into four segments below. Part 3 contains a late nineties recording of John Young singing "No One Listens" with The Darwins. The song has an evergreen pop/rock feel that mixes well with several adult formats, including Adult Album Alternative, known as the "Triple A" format in the radio industry.

We talked earlier in the year on a live call-in show. This time we talked about his 20th anniversary working at KUIC in mornings, which is a rare accomplishment in radio. He reflects on many fun times playing in bands doing live gigs in Sacramento throughout the 90s. John was originally from San Diego, where he attended San Diego State University in the 80s and listened to 91X. For awhile he lived in Los Angeles and listened to KLOS. When he moved to Sacramento in 1992 he listened regularly to alternative rock station KWOD.

During the time he played guitar with Mature Innocence, the band's song "Nature Sets Its Own Law" was featured on the KWOD local compilation CD Overflow in 1995. The lyrics were written by KWOD listeners who called or faxed in their lyrics during my midday show. I gave the lyrics to local bands to set to music. It was a creative form of crowdsourcing and social networking on the eve of the internet revolution, when radio was still a big deal, especially for new music. The song got frequent airplay on the station around the clock. In the late 90s the band became The Darwins and released recordings through the early 2000s.

Part 1: Social Music Talk with John Young Part 1

Part 2: Social Music Talk with John Young Part 2

Part 3: Social Music Talk with John Young Part 3

Part 4: Social Music Talk with John Young Part 4

The show is part of a radio research history project called "A Century of Radio." The project explores the first hundred years of commercial radio. Part of the project's aim is to credit stations that have emphasizes creativity and the spirit of independence as a unique station. KUIC is an example of a smaller market station that connects directly with its community and plays a wide variety of music.

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