Alex Cosper Interviews Jay William Weed

Conducted Live Saturday, October 19, 2019 at in San Diego

On October 19, 2019 Jay William Weed called from Fresno to the studios of WS Radio in San Diego, where the interview was streamed live and recorded. Jay William Weed was America's first full-time rock programmer on FM radio, according to a 1964 Billboard article. There had been rock programming on FM on a New Jersey station, but only part-time. Most FMs of the era were the same programming from sister AM stations. Weed went on to program west coast stations and host shows on FM. He worked on air, doing every shift except graveyard, at KSJO in San Jose starting in 1969.

Weed explains the history of San Jose rock radio, how KSJO came first on FM, followed by KOME, which tried to be a "weirder." He says KSJO was run much more professionally and did much better in the ratings. There was no pressure for anywhere to play a certain type of music, although there was pressure to get good ratings. Jay talks about how he talked with the audience on the phone as much as possible.

His career has spanned several stations in regions such as Oklahoma, Texas and Southern California and Northern California. Some of the most high profile stations he worked for were ABC stations KGO and KSFX in San Francisco. He is most known for his time on the air at KSJO off and on from 1969 through 1977 before he quit. Throughout that era the station enjoyed strong ratings in the market.

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The show is part of a radio research history project called "A Century of Radio."

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