Alex Cosper Interviews California Radio Personality Dred Scott

Conducted Live November 9, 2019 on WSRadio.com

Dred Scott called in from Fort Bragg, Mendocino County on Saturday, November 9, 2019 for an interview about his journey in the radio industry. He now does mornings at KOZT, known as "The Coast." It's an album-oriented rock station that spans several decades of music, going back even earlier than the sixties. The station is owned by Tom Yates, who as a programmer elevated KLOS as a rock station in its early days.

Yates later programmed KKCY "The City" in San Francisco, one of the last freeform commercial stations in America in the eighties. Dred's hour long interview is broken into five segments. It covers his entire radio career starting at KTIM in San Rafael in 1981. He says he started at the tail-end of the era when jocks still controlled the music they played, which was the case at KTIM. He then worked at KVRE/Santa Rosa doing nights before landing a job as the co-host of the 91X/San Diego morning show "The Breakfast Club" 1986-1990.

Dred has worked at several California stations including in the 90s at the legendary KFOG, which went off the air in September 2019 when Cumulus switched the signal to simulcasting sports station KNBR. He worked on air from 2011 to 2016 prior to the station's format flip from adult album alternative (triple A) to alternative. Dred talks about the San Francisco radio market, how it couldn't support two alternative stations at one time.

Other radio stations where Dred has worked include San Francisco stations KSRY as a morning co-host and News Director then KITS "Live 105" weekends 1995-1997. He then moved back to the Los Angeles area and worked for Westwood One for ten years starting in 1997. During that period he did weekends at KLSX then as a specialty host at KMXN/Anaheim 2002-2004. He went on to do weekends at Indie 103.1 and then classic rocker KSWD "100.3 The Sound" 2008-2011.

After his return stint at KFOG, Dred began doing the morning show at KOZT/Fort Bragg is April 2018. Yates launched the station in 1990 and does the night show. The station has won a Marconi award for "Station of the Year." This interview captures the spirit of independent radio and how KOZT maintains a community vibe.

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