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Interview Series with Radio Talk Host Dave Williams

by Alex Cosper

Conducted in January 2024

Dave Williams on 1970s Sacramento Radio at KROY & KNDE (01/18/24)

Dave Williams talks about what top 40 radio was like in the 1970s. He was fortunate to work at two popular AM stations in his hometown, Sacramento: 1240 KROY and 1470 KNDE. Social change, personality and on-air freedom to a degree were what made the era magical, particularly at KROY, which was the #1 station in Sacramento during Dave's time doing nights and mornings. He later had success programming crosstown rival KNDE.

Dave Williams on Talk Radio in Big Cities (01/23/24)

After several years of doing top 40 radio in the seventies, Dave Williams shifted his radio career toward morning talk shows. He and Bob Nathan nurtured a blend of news and entertainment at KGNR in Sacramento, which became a high-rated morning show in town. It moved to KFBK in 1985, where Dave remained in mornings until 2000. From 1985 to 1988 he worked with Rush Limbaugh, who did middays at KFBK prior to becoming a nationally-syndicated host.

A Century of Radio Interviews: Dave Williams on the Future of AM Radio (01/23/24)

The future of AM radio is in question at the time of this 2024 interview with Dave Williams, who forecasts a bright future for local airwaves. He believes radio companies must focus on their connections with local communities instead of relying on national programming strategies. This episode concludes with the Sunsetrip song "A Century of Radio," the theme song of the new podcast series.

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