Tips For Indie Musicians
by Alex Cosper

One of the first places to submit your INDIE music is Malcolm, which is part of KCRW's website. KCRW (89.9 FM in the Los Angeles area) is the legendary station at Santa Monica College. They have an ear for new music and have an interesting way of presenting it. The image of the station is cutting edge with a friendly presentation. With the arrival of Malcolm in 2012, KCRW has become one of the first college stations in the nation to let musicians upload their music for review.

If you've already searched the indie world then you might know about the key social network sites where you can upload your music and get fans. Those sites include ReverbNation, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. You can actually record music on Soundcloud in the cloud, which is convenient if you don't happen to have a home recording studio. If you do have a home recording studio, check out home recording tips from this interview with Jeffry-Wynne Prince of the Sacramento indie band The Kimberly Trip.

You can pay Jango to get your music heard by listeners. Even though there are thousands of internet stations around the world, only a handful have wide popularity. While most internet stations cater to niche audiences, some of the streaming networks that deal with multiple music genres with big audiences include Spotify, Pandora and Slacker. If you want to sell your CD you can do it through Amazon or CDBaby.

Getting commercial radio airplay, one of the keys to massive sales, is very difficult for indie artists since most of those playlists are flooded with major label recordings. However, many contemporary stations set aside an hour on the weekend to play local or indie music. Find out who the specialty show host is and send them your music. The more you can get to know the host, the better. You have better chances at getting more consistent airplay on college or public stations. If you want to create your own internet station online for free try iRadeo or European site Radionomy.

Some indie artists sidestep traditional media completely and rely on online promotion, shows and word of mouth. One way to maximize online promotion is to get to know popular music bloggers who have thousands of followers. If the blogger reviews your music it could mean lots of sales. Some of the most popular music blog sites are Pitchfork and IndieShuffle. For more tips for indie artists check out the comments of Michele Jennae from The Indie Times.

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