Los Angeles Radio History: 1950s
by Alex Cosper

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The 1950s marked more radical changes for the Los Angeles radio dial. It was now the television era as TV began to capture the attention of masses at night, cutting into the radio audience. It forced radio to reinvent itself. Helping usher in this change was rock and roll music. Another breakthrough was transistor technology, which led to pocket radios in the fifties. Sony was an earlier developer in transistor radio, which paved the way for modern computers.

In the fifties rock and roll radio was born and became a determining factor in the industry shift from block (multi-format) programming to formats based on demographics. While MOR (middle of the road) stations emerged to captivate adults with classic pop music mixed with a lot of announcer commentary, rock and roll stations attracted younger audiences. Despite the emergence of television in the fifties, radio did not die. In fact, the advent of the transistor radio made radio more affordable and popular with teens - the baby boomers.

Los Angeles FM Radio Dial 1958

88.7 FM - KXLU
89.1 FM - KSCS
91.5 FM - KUSC
92.3 FM - KFAC
93.1 FM - KNX
93.9 FM - KPOL
94.7 FM - KRHM
95.5 FM - KABC
96.3 FM - KRKD
100.3 FM - KMLA
103.5 FM - KGLA
104.3 FM - KPLA
105.1 FM - KDBX
105.9 FM - KBMS
107.5 FM - KBBI
Introduction 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s

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