Create Your Own Music Job

Start a Music Project

One of the most exciting ways to participate in music is to write and perform it. While there are various other ways to make money listening to music, songwriting is the main focal point of the music world. In order to start a band you will need investment money, which usually initially comes from savings, family, friends or a manager. It's much easier to develop as a solo artist, which is attractive to venue owners who would rather pay one person than five people.

Invest as a Manager

Management comes in several forms, but the movers and shakers are the firms that are well financed and have lengthy rosters of established acts. It is common for artist managers to take twenty percent of all profits, including touring and recording. While not all managers are investors, many of the acts who get signed to major labels have well funded managers with close connections to the music industry.

Promote Music

You can constantly be involved with artists and managers as a music promoter, which can take many forms. Usually a concert promoter is an investor in shows and puts up money for bands to come to town then makes a profit from ticket sales. A music promoter for a label is usually someone who develops relationships with radio station programming personnel at several stations within a region. There are also many independent promoters who are not employed by labels but help independently promote certain projects.

Work in a Music Store

Even though many record stores have disappeared from pop culture, there are still many places where you can hear music while you work. A musical instrument store can be a fun place to meet a lot of local musicians and learn about music as an artform. Some stores hire music instructors, but most of the jobs are clerical or deal with sales. You don't necessarily need to know a lot about instruments to get hired, but you are bound to learn a lot about the brands the store carries. Repairing musical instruments is another craft found at music stores.

Be a Music Teacher

Teaching students how to sing or play an instrument is a solid way to earn extra income. Some music instructors make a full time job out of it, just working at home. If you own a recording studio or are proficient at a certain instrument you can attract students. It's not necessary to be an advanced musician to teach beginners, although advanced musicans can teach multiple levels and command higher rates. Creative personality-oriented music teachers such as Marty Schwartz offer online lessons. His site Guitar Jamz is an amazing resource for guitarists.

Become a Live DJ

The radio industry has shrunk over the years and is not a place to easily find work unless you happen to love sales or crafting commercials with audio production equipment. Becoming a live DJ, however, is up to you and does not require much of an investment other than a sound system, a light show and music. There is still a demand for DJs in large markets, especially in tourist areas that attract wedding ceremonies and receptions. Learn more about how to be your own DJ.

Write a Music Blog

Do bloggers make much money? Most of them don't but some of them make thousands per month. The key to a successful blog is developing a series of fresh reviews that appeal to loyal niche followings. Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to earning a living as a blogger. While SEO is simple to learn, especially if your main focus is content creation, the main challenge is developing a big enough following. Blogs can be monetized by pay per click ads, affiliate programs or direct marketing of products such as ebooks or music. Search engines give high credibility and rankings to blogs that exhibit authority and expertise.

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