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How to Get Music Heard Online
by Alex Cosper (11/18/12)

Getting your music played online is a struggle if you don't follow a plan. The best plan is to make sure your fan list keeps on growing. One way to build up a fan list is to become a fan of other bands online on sites like ReverbNation. You can form a core of musicians who create similar music and start musical discussions with them on social networks. The initial path to building an audience is start with what works. Whatever generates the best feedback, keep creating more of it.

Building popularity is like building networks then merging them together. You may start with 10 websites where you post your music and begin getting feedback. From those 10 sites try to attract 100 fans. It may come down to interacting with the fans a lot. Once you have a core of 100 solid fans, build another set of networks that bring you 100 more solid fans. By creating subgroups of lists you can manage email lists better. Instead of one long list, think of making a different list for each state.

Having twenty fans in each state gives you 1000 fans. Now imagine having 200 fans in each state, which gives you 10,000 fans. That's enough of a fanbase to earn a living. It may take hundreds of websites to build this size fanbase, but any way you can establish a fanbase in the thousands will be helpful in developing a long lasting music career.

The easiest way for the rest of the world to spread your music around the web is to make it easy to access for free, even if it's just song clips. YouTube videos that relate to trends can get a video heard by the masses just because of certain keywords and tags. Make it easy for people to research you online in case they hear your music and want to hear more or make a purchase. You can also pay sites like Jango to have fans review your music. Getting mentioned by bloggers is one of the best things that can happen to indie artists.

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