A List of Popular Music Blogs 2014
by Alex Cosper (2/08/14)

One of the most important keys to exposure for indie artists is to be reviewed by a well known blogger who regularly writes abourt music. Such a review can lead to new fans sharing the blog on social media. From there is can go viral. Pitchfork has become a very important music blog for the indie world. The online publication has helped elevated several indie artists sell thousands of albums and downloads.

Instead of approaching a respected blogger as a one time attempt at free promotion, look at it as a chance to develop a long term relationship. The more long term relationships you can establish with new media leaders, the better your chances will be at building an online following for your music. Below is a list of well known music blogs that should be on your radar.

01. Pitchfork
02. Recording Review
04. KCRW
05. Noise Addicts
06. Strictly Social
07. Music Savage
08. A Pocket Full of Seeds
09. Live Music Blog
10. Remix Comps

Each of the blogs listed above made at least the top 3 million websites on This list is by no means complete, it's just a sample of some music blogs that reach a large online following. The great thing about blogs is they were meant to be interactive. After the review is published look for responses by readers, who might turn into leads for new fans.

Getting written up in a blog is great publicity, especially if it's by a blogger regarded as a thought leader. Blogs end up getting shared as interested followers spread the word. Becoming a guest blogger on a popular blog site is also a way to gain online attention.

There are thousands if not millions of blogs about music. Don't waste your time with the blogs that have few followers. Focus your time on getting the attention of popular blogs. To check a blog's popularity, enter its URL in the search tool at and see how well it ranks on the internet. If it's in top 100,000 in the United States, the blog may be worth pursuing. The more exciting and unique your music is, the more it may get noticed by bloggers who, themselves, are looking to promote fresh talent.

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