Where to Find Intelligent Music
by Alex Cosper (11/20/12)

Intelligent music is something rarely talked about at parties. You might hear about intelligent music in school or maybe read about it in a magazine article. But it's hardly ever discussed in the music world. How many music stores have sections of music categorized as intelligent? How many radio stations pattern their formats after intelligent music? As you can see, it's not much of a topic in modern culture. But it doesn't mean there is no market for intelligent music.

Music has the power to be educational, which is why schools need to encourage more songwriters to create songs that make good reminders for learning. When checking the current top hit songs you probably won't find the list dominated by super meaningful songs. For people who don't want to get trapped in the radio world of only hearing songs what sound the opposite of intelligent, you can either listen to college or public radio or visit my site Playlist Research.

My site Playlist Research explores all kinds of music that have been popular and underground. The site is a resource for developing playlists. It also helps you sort out the maze of indie artists that continue to gain relevance. The site divides music up into themes to help you find types of songs you are looking for.

My site for creating original music is Tangent Sunset. I like to write all kinds of songs, including educational songs. I believe that music has many uses and it should be used for more than just entertainment purposes.

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