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How To Promote Original Music Online
by Alex Cosper (1/12/13)

Promoting music online is the most challenging aspect of the music marketing process. If the music is well produced it has a chance of being reviewed by a music blogger. If a popular music blogger likes and recommends your music, the news can go viral. Another way to promoted your music online is to create profiles on sites like ReverbNation and BandCamp then create a base of listeners and link the profile on social networks.

Independent artists who are looking for radio airplay will find it extremely difficult to reach their goals, even if they sign up with websites that claim to make their music available to the radio industry for airplay. There are some sites that charge a monthly fee to have the song in a digital library that can be accessed by radio programmers. Using this service can be helpful if you already have contacts in the industry.

For the most part, indie artists have been shut out of commercial radio. There are music promotion firms in Los Angeles that you can hire for about the cost of a monthly paycheck to get your music "worked" to radio stations. This means that promoters will make the effort to try to get radio decision-makers to at least listen to the song. These promoters do not guarantee airplay, but they can be the key to establishing airplay.

The more difficult way to promote music is to promote it yourself. The best way to promote live shows is to hand out a hundreds of flyers. The best way to promote online music is through indie artist platforms such as, in which you can pay to have people rate your music. is a site where you can actually make money reviewing other people's music while other people review your music.

Promoting your music on social networks like Facebook and Twitter is popular because it's easy and fun. Once your media exists somewhere online it's easy to share on social networks. Creating a video of the song is important because people are more likely to share a video than just an audio track. The video can be made with just photos for a slide show set to music. You can even make money from ads on YouTube.

The most valuable online promotion is getting reviewed by a major music site such as, or Songs can become news stories in bigger media if the lyrics take on themes for social issues. Another way artists can gain media attention is by working with charities for specific causes. The songs do not necessarily have to deal with the causes while the artist broadens biographical data by associating with popular issues.

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