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Educational Songs for Teachers
by Alex Cosper (11/18/12)

The concept of educational music has grown in the internet age. At one time you could count on the commercial world assuring you that business has nothing to do with art. But we've now learned in many ways that music is more powerful that just a form of escape or entertainment. Science has proven that music is a legitimate learning tool. Many people are conditioned to believe that music is strictly entertainment because that's how it's marketed.

The internet age lets us explore various genres at our fingertips. At one time it was easier just to pick a station on the radio and like a certain amount of what they played. The internet gave us menus of opportunities to wander wherever we chose. At one time educational music wasn't much of a category because it didn't show up on the charts. Then in the 21st century music because about a broader spectrum beyond the charts.

Educational music has not been a big part of pop culture for many reasons. One reason is that the radio industry has mostly catered to the lowest common denominator instead of what's intelligent. Another reason is marketers haven't bothered to find a smart market even though public and college radio have supported a wider and deeper range of music than commercial radio, which focuses on major label music from three companies.

In order to break the pattern of people perceiving that music is just for entertainment, there needs to be more educational music artists. Songwriters needs to learn about topics they can write about musically. Listening to songs about educational material helps stimulate interest in the subject. My music project Tangent Sunset is currently creating a collection of educational songs.

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