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Where to Find Creative Music
by Alex Cosper

Some people in the 21st century have wondered if they are just getting older or if the music industry keeps getting more bland and boring. That's the result of commercially compromised music. Creativity is something that humans know when they encounter it. Not all creative energy attracts an audience, but usually the more creative music is, the more likely more than a few people will want to hear it.

Creativity can be defined many different ways in music. It can be music beyond the norm, music that uses clever uncommon changes or music built on an interesting theme. What a lot of people are looking for is unique music that doesn't sound like popular music. A lot of music industry releases began to sound over-produced, which created a craving for more authentic music.

You can spend hours on indie sites trying to find good songs, but you will likely be overwhelmed with music that's either too bland or too much of a copy of something else. For some reason not every artist is creative as the Beatles. My site Playlist Research is a faster way to find music that fits certain themes and genres you're looking for. It's more of a tool for creating lists to do further research, but it helps speed up the process.

It's interesting that there isn't a wider discussion on why music needs to be more creative and as creative as possible. Part of the problem is the music industry went the direction on what type of music sells the fastest instead of music that outsells trendy music over the long run. The idea that music has to fit a formula to be marketable is what has held music back from evolving.

Even though the indie world is cluttered with novices, copycats and noise makers, it's still a better haven for exploring creativity after someone has filtered out the deadwood. Public or college radio help craft such playlists. Use Playlist Research as a tool to craft your own custom playlists. I create original music that on my site Tangent Sunset.

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