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Recording Music in the Cloud
by Alex Cosper (4/6/15)

In 2015 the most popular way to record music in the cloud is through SoundCloud, which has become one of the leading online hubs for indie musicians. The site ranked #104 in the U.S. and #169 globally on Alexa in April 2015. By comparison, it ranked higher than MTV or any major label artist website. It's an indication that the indie revolution has arrived and is here to stay. SoundCloud, based in Berlin since its 2007 launch, lets musicians record, uploand and share music through its social network and beyond to other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

After SoundCloud gained substantial funding in 2009, it emerged the following year with one million subscribers. Within a year that stat multiplied by five. Part of the funding came from actor Ashton Kutcher and music industry executive Guy Oseary. By 2012 SoundCloud announced it had 15 million users. By 2014 thw audience had grown to 175 million users. It has been one of the fastest growing sites in internet history, clearly serving a valuable need to the independent music community.

Recording on SoundClock is practical for making demos or showcasing live music, as well as archiving musical ideas for later development. It's a platform that makes it easy to organize a facet of your music production that easily connects with the world. You can also use it as part of your web presence and marketing. Your artist profile can be viewed by the people who find you through SoundCloud's music categories. An artist profile can include multiple tracks.

SoundCloud is a popular way to record live music online, which can be done professionally if you have a quality microphone and a digital music interface. As of April 2015 we have not yet heard of any major hit recordings that originated from the site. But the important point to remember about SoundCloud is that it does make it easy to record music online, which can bypass high studio costs. At the same time, unless you have a quality microphone with your own recording software tools, the production quality may be challenging. Low quality recording is not probably not something worth heavily promoting.

Apple's GarageBand is an online recording platform that allows even nonmusicians to experiment with recording online. But by professional music standards, these online recording solutions usually fall short. Producers and DIY musicians need to have access to a robust software with a comprehensive suite of tools that deliver the same quality as high end software on the level of Logic Pro or Reason.

Another way to record in the cloud at a higher quality is will Adobe's Creative Cloud. It allows you to access Premiere Pro video editing software for a monthly fee. It's ideal for making videos while your band is on tour. You can use apps on your smartphone to access the recording tools in the cloud. It's useful for automatically backing up your files to the cloud. You can also use it to record voiceovers directly to the video timeline.

For people who want to make music together online, there's and These sites allow people from opposite sides of the planet collaborate on music together.

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