Playlist Research

Alex Cosper

1962: born Aug. 4 in Sacramento, CA
1981: begins working in roller rinks as a DJ and working as mobile DJ through 1985
1984: enters KWOD FM as intern, gets weekend air-shift within 6 months
1984: graduates from CSUS with B.A. in Communications
1988: becomes Music Director/10p-2a Air Personality at KWOD
1989: records song "Waves On The West Coast," a top 3 requested song on KWOD
1991: named Program Director/10a-2p Air Personality at KWOD
1993: unique alternative programming at KWOD sparks a ratings turnaround toward Sacramento market dominance
1995: leads KWOD to its highest ratings ever as an alternative station, named "Broadcaster of the Week" in Billboard (12/9 issue)
1997: begins writing for radio industry trade magazine VirtuallyAlternative, a division of Album Network
1997: moves to Milwaukee, WI to be Operations Manager/9a-12n Air Personality at WLUM
1998: returns to Sacramento, volunteers at PBS-TV station KVIE, hosts events at SF Hilton
1999: forms Sacramento's first 24 hour streaming internet radio station, SacLive
2000: moves to the SF Bay Area, writes WHFS Tribute for VirtuallyAlternative
2003: launches music project Tangent Sunset
2004: writes The Legend of KZAP and The Rise of Alternative Radio
2004: hired for on-air work at "Energy 92.7" (KNGY) in San Francisco
2006: moves to Palm Springs area to program 97.7 KRCK and host midday show
2007: creates Playlist Research in April in San Diego and returns to Sacramento in May
2009: expands online writing to over 100 informative online articles for various websites
2010: writes online book Indie Revelations
2011: launches new video site for Sacramento residents and visitors at
2012: begins writing weekly articles for
2014: relocates to San Diego again
2019: launches radio/music podcast Social Music Talk
2020: returns to Sacramento to focus on writing for various publications and the music project Sunsetrip.

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