A Century of Radio Stories
by Alex Cosper

The 2019-2022 era marks the 100th anniversary of commercial radio as a mass medium. Historians may disagree which year should be treated as the birth of this era, but the consensus tends to be KDKA/Pittsburgh's broadcast of 1920 Presidential Election coverage as the beginning. Playlist Research will treat 2020 as the 100th anniversary with interviews of current radio and music professionals as well as industry legends. The theme song of this series, now available through Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming services, is "A Century of Radio" by my San Diego recording project, Sunsetrip.

One of the reasons I created this project is I worked in the radio industry myself from 1984 to 2006, mainly in Sacramento, but also in San Francisco, Milwaukee and Palm Springs. As the KWOD/Sacramento Program Director, I led the independent company to becoming one of the highest rated alternative stations in America during the format's heyday in the 1990s. I went to several radio conventions and met hundreds of high profile radio industry pros who had great stories to tell about how they used radio to affect their communities.

Another reason why I've put this interview series together as a tribute to radio's 100 year anniversary is because so many radio personalities have come and gone who became big names in their towns. Radio hosts traditionally have been friendly familiar voices you can turn to for information and entertainment. But now in the automation age the radio industry has downsized air staffs mainly for economic reasons, as the industry has struggled to deal with big mergers that led to huge debt. Automation has helped these companies cut costs, but at the expense of air talent careers.

Between 2010 and 2019 I've noticed many radio personalities who haven't found work following the downsizing have sadly passed away and haven't gotten the credit they deserve for being leaders in their communities. So a big part of this project involves acknowledging their talents at holding the attention of thousands of listeners. Ideally this project will be a reminder to the radio industry that its greatest times were built on the contributions of local air personalities.

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