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Top Indie Songs of 2009 Discovered by Playlist Research
by Alex Cosper

MEIKO - Boys With Girlfriends (Los Angeles, CA)
HEATHER FRAHN TRIO - Collective Consciousness (Austrailia)
COUNT SMOKULA - I Like The Night Life (Los Angeles, CA)
MORRISSON - After My Love (San Francisco, CA)
THE LOVEMAKERS - Shake That Ass (Oakland, CA)
BRIAN MAIDEN - Just One More Time (Orlando, FL)
JASON MANNS - Visions (Los Angeles, CA)
HOLLYWOOD BURNOUT - Circles (Des Moinses, IA) 
CHASE ELLIOTT BAND - Johnny and June (Portland, OR)
LILY GUN - Diamond (London, UK)

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More Top Modern/Alternative Songs of 2009


STELLAR DEXTERZ - Freshhh (Orlando, FL)
TERRELL HARRIS - Bailout Blues (Birmingham, AL)
MONSTA FLOW - Much More (Apopka, FL)
LEMON SUN - Nobody Knows (Los Angeles, CA)
KID LIGHTNING - My Favorite Regret (Los Angeles, CA)
THE VANISHING - Skin (San Francisco, CA)
REALIZE RECORDS OPENE MIC - Hailey Rose (Wilmington, DE)
CREATIVE BASEMENT - The Chant (Wyoming)
SIX BULLETS FROM NOW - Strung Up (New Haven, CT)
THE ROMANTIC & BOMBASSTIC - Second Best (Portland, OR)
DIRT POOR KINGS - Catfish (Boulder, CO)
NO JUSTUS - Blackberry Wine (Detroit, MI)
MICHAEL SHELTON - Song of the Lonely Scratch Track (Santa Barbara, CA)
PAPA JOE BRITT - Wind and the Seasons (Houston, TX)
JOHN MATTESON - The Vamp (Henderson, NV)
DON'T HAVE ONE YET - Exploring (Deland, FL)
DR. ROCK SOLOMON - Time For A Road Trip (Boulder, CO)
MINERVA - Zombies (Portland, OR)

THENEWCOLORS - Too Much So Little (British Columbia, Canada)
DAVID LATOUR - One Day (Ghent, Belgium) 
DERECK VINSON PROJECT - Feel The Vibe (Philadelphia, PA)
CALICOS - Loser On Demand (Las Vegas, NV)
MARK MONDELLO - Take Me From the City (Boston, MA)
THE GROWNUP NOISE - Grey Skies (Boston, MA)
STROAMATA - Devil (Boston, MA)
REALITY STRICKEN - Cracked Doors and Empty Dance Floors (Morristown, PA)
ODIN'S OTHER EYE - Too Many Choices (Denver, CO)
2RED - One More Day (Westfield, IN) 
NU BREED MUSIC GROUP - Number 1 (Illinois)
WATERSEED - I'm Tryin' (Atlanta, GA)
PAY THE PIPER - Make Moves (Plymouth, NH)
COOL HAND CURT - My Song 2 Music (Irving, TX)
THE GARDEN OF IAN - Unfinished Music (Santa Barbara, CA)
MARK PIPER - Dreamin' (Monroe, WA)
RICHARD G - Hold On (Philadelphia, PA)
AARON BROWN - Eastern Skies (Rocklin, CA)
KAREN FLEMING - Dead Dream (Dallas, TX)
EVA MARIE - Beauty of it All (Seattle, WA)
JOSH RITTER - To the Dogs or Whoever (Moscow, ID)
20 DEGREES NORTH - Children of the Sun (Honolulu, HI)
SYNTHPOP ISNT COOOL - I'm In Love (North Bergen, NJ)
ROBOTS VS DINOSAURS - Imagine You're in Outer Space (Kansas City, MO)
JESSE DYEN - War Is A Disease (Oakland, CA)

DANDY WARHOLS - Mission Control (Portland, OR) 
MORRISSON - So Cool (San Francisco, CA)
SAXMANRAN - All I Can Do (Dallas, TX)
THERESA ANDERSSON - Birds Fly Away (New Orleans, LA)
MICHAEL JAMES WACHNER - Gratitude (Minneapolis, MN)
BLIND EYE TURNER - Every Second (Santa Barbara, CA)
ELECTRIC WORLD BRIDGES - Color Blind (Marietta, GA)
DEAD VAMPIRES - City of Vampires (Seattle, WA)
TEX HEXMAN - Under a Chemical Sky (Gin Harbor, WA)
SCARLET PARADIGM - Eastern Wind (Los Angeles, CA)
NOISE POET NOBODY - Lo Vinja Cafe (Seattle, WA)
FRED CICHY - How It's Supposed To Be (Santa Barbara, CA)
HOCUS - Bipolar Girl (San Diego, CA)
J-FLO - Same Ol' (Denver)
PAPA JOE BRITT - Emerald Rain (Houston, TX)
PERFECT PISTOL - Tomorrow Never Comes (Seattle, WA)
BULLETS IN A BURNING BOX - Disentangle (San Diego, CA)
BLUE 55 - 100 Bill (Seattle, WA)
JESSE DYEN - War is a Disease
JAMES DAVIDSON - I am the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Miami, FL)
ANAURA - The Devil Was a Friend of Mine (San Francisco, CA)
YOUNGEN THROWED - Hermosa (Austin, TX)
ALEN OF DALE - Castanets (Boston, MA)

BARENAKED LADIES - The History of Everything 
RUDY AND THE FUNKY COALITION - Can't Deny This (San Francisco, CA)
MARC MANN & PAULL E. RUBIN (BEAR BROS.) - Nothin' Left To Lose (Santa Barbara, CA)
NO JUSTUS - Undercover Lover (Detroit, MI)
MISSY GRILLONE - Looking (Salt Lake City, UT)
UNCLE DOO DAD - Play Me Something (San Francisco, CA)
LONE SOME CREEK - Broken Soul (Detroit, MI)
MYSTIC CANYON - Just Like Shakespeare (Portland, OR)
TJR - What You Want and More (Hartford, CT)
HOMELESS TOM - Uh Huh (Las Vegas, NV) - Farmer Mel
THE JUG DEALERS - New Tranmutation Blues (San Francisco, CA)
MARK ZEUS - Crazy Jungle Groove (Houston, TX)
CD COLLINS - Watermelon Pickle
JANEL aka HURTADA - Car Crash In C (Minneapolis, MN)
MICHAEL JAMES WACHNER - Gratitude (Minneapolis, MN)
PHIL BERBIG - Starlight (Minneapolis, MN)
JAMBONES - The Key (Tacoma, WA)
MIC NICE aka MR. PENTHOUSE - Drift Away Drive Me Crazy (Miami, FL)
LOST DOG FOUND featuring TERI BROWN - Dancing On A Moonbeam 
ANAURA - The Devil Was A Friend Of Mine (San Francisco, CA)
PETER PELI - Baby Bear (spiritual)
SLATER'S GARAGE - The Forgotten Presidents Song
JAMES DAVIDSON - The K2 Effect (Miami, FL) 

ARETHA FRANKLIN - My Country Tis of Thee (at Obama Inauguration)
PETER FAHEY - Watch Me Fly (New Zealand)
TRIBAL SEEDS - Island Girl (San Diego, CA)

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