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Local Salem Music Scene

Salem is more known as the capital of Oregon than for its music scene, but the town still knows how to party and appreciate a wide selection of traditional and modern music. More actors than musicians have come from the area that made it into the national spotlight. One of the most famous musical legends from Salem has been singer/actress Kate Nauta, who played Lola in Transporter 2.

Songs For Alice * Afro Mother * Anna Austin * BobbiLynn Forbus * Emot!on beats * Aimee Larsen * The FlexTones * Jerry Sparks * Tzarkazm * Rock Candi * AppleTown Productions * Marcus Parrish * Powda * Matthew Price * The Ted Vaughn Blues Band *

Local Highlights

The Salem Music Scene internet show has planned a 12 hour concert festival of over a dozen local artists on April 15, 2017 from noon until midnight. The show will be held at Shotski's Woodfired Pizza at 1230 State Street and will be recorded by CCTV and will span a wide selection of music from acoustic to hip hop to rock. The site is devoted to covering the entire local music scene.

Artists will include Rich Cloud Music, Percy Lounge, Songs for Alice, Elvicious Cash, Angel Costumbre, Robotic Torres and Giancarlo Marcelo. The event will be hosted by Mr. Banana. The goal of the show is to raise $2,017 to help enhance the site.

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