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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Houston Music Scene

Resources for finding Houston artists include, Houston Music Scene and Houston Press. The local music scene is also covered by The Houston Chronicle. Venues to see live music include Cezanne, Bungalo 8 Nightclub, Cosmo's Cafe, Fat Cats, The Engine Room and Meridian. The history of the Houston music scene has included Beyonce, Destiny's Child, ZZ Top, Kenny. Rogers, H-Town, Geto Boys, Yolanda Adams, Paul Van Dyke, Chamillionaire and Blue October. Campuses include University of Houston, Rice University and Texas Southern University.

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Local Highlights

The Houston Press ran a story on February 3, 2016 called "I Thought Houston's Music Scene Sucked ... Not Anymore" by Meagan Flynn. The story was about the writer's assessment of the local scene after moving to Houston compared with going to college in Des Moines. Flynn found the scene to be more diverse and "weirder" than Austin. Some of the local acts mentioned included The Mighty Orq, the Screaming Females and Titus Andronicus.

The 25th annual Houston Press Music Awards was held on Sunday, August 4, 2013. The award for best local recording went to The Niceguys and James Kelley, while the best local song was "Epiphany" by Cindy Pruitt. Oceans of Slumber won an award for best new act while the musician of the year award went to Texas Johnny Brown. Other winners included Junior Gordon Band, Libby Koch, Darryl Youngblood, Josh Fuller and Annika Chambers. Over thirty awards were handed out to local artists. is a regional music site that serves the musicians and supporters of Houston and its surrounding areas. The site includes an entertainment calendar, band directory and links to clubs and music stores. The band directory provides phone numbers and links to band websites. A memorial section pays tribute to artists who have passed away, such as Dennis Watson and Gary Heyne. is a website that has reported on the local music scene since 2001. The site features plenty of concert reviews and concert photos. The site reviews shows such as the Jazzy Mountain Hop, which was held on August 30, 2013 and the Idyllwild Jazz in the 20th annual Pines Music Festival held on August 17, 2013. The concert reviews cover pop, rock, blues and country. Reviews go back to 2001. In recent years the site has reviewed about 100 shows per year.

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