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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Anchorage Music Scene

Anchorage, Alaska is America's most northern crowd of people with a 2010 metro population of nearly 375,000. Although the area is not known for producing national acts, there are many annual festivals and local venues. Cuddy Family Park Amphitheater has been home to many of these events. The main campuses are Ubiversity of Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University. The local music scene is covered by Anchorage Daily News, The Anchorage Press and Make-a-Scene Magazine. The history of the Anchorage music scene has not produced a lot of nationally signed acts.

Pink Utopia offers a creative dose of electronica, acid house and acid jazz music. "Go On and Shake It" is a useful track for DJs to add dance flavor. The project consists of DJ MzTickle (Adriana) and Lizzy Beaver on vocals.

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Local Highlights

One of the most authoritative directories of the local Anchorage music scene is The site is lists several local artists by genres and includes links to bars and restauarants. The site is a broad portal for people who want to learn about the region in general. It's an excellent tool for vacationers.

The Anchorage Music Co-op is a grass roots organization that gives live performance opportunities to local musicians at places like Hot Club of Nunaka. In 2013 the independent musicians collective added Fiori D'Italia as a venue for their performances. Co-op artists have been interviewed on KNBA (90.3 FM) and KONR (106.1 FM), which broadcasts the shows live. Spendard Farmers Market has helped the Co-op fund its sound system. Another supporter is the Anchorage Folk Festival. The Co-op was co-founded by Laura Oden.

The Co-op was written about in this Kathleen McCoy article 4/26/2013 on the KSKA Alaska Public Media website.

Spin Magazine covered the Anchorage music scene in a piece by Jeff Weiss 11/12/2012. The article summarized the region's music with spotlights on a series of bands such as The Meg Mackey Band, Emma Hill, SJ Stephens, Alex The Lion, Dig Sista, The Sweeteners and Ghost Hands. The article also explored establishments such as the venue Vagabond Blues and the record store Mammoth Music. Other venues mentioned were The Tap Root, The Marlin and Platinum Jaxx.

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