Interviews with Radio and Music Professionals

Radio & Records Founder Bob Wilson
Bob WIlson talks about his career before starting industry trade publication Radio & Records. He worked at KROY in Sacramento and was PD at KDAY in Los Angeles. He mentions how he worked with Wolfman Jack and the TV show Midnight Special.

Authors of Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone?
Marti Smiley Childs and Jeff March discuss a series of books they've written based on interviews with notable recording artists of the 1960s and 1970s. They have interviewed about 100 artists of the period, with an emphasis on what they've done since the golden age of pop.

All Access Music Group Publisher Joel Denver
Joel Denver talks about his radio and publishing career in a 16 minute video interview conducted at his office at All Access. He also mentions his days as CHR Editor at Radio & Records from 1980 through 1994. Known throughout the radio amd music industries, Joel has helped many people in both industries find jobs.

Album Cover Designer Kosh
John Kosh, the graphic designer of the Abbey Road, Let It Be and Hotel California album covers now works on documentaries as well as logo designs. One of his logo designs was for ELO. He's also designed album covers for The Rolling Stones, The Who, Linda Ronstadt, Jimmy Buffett and 10,000 Maniacs.

Radio Legend Dave Sholin
Dave Sholin's career history has included programming KFRC/San Francisco in its heyday as well as hosting several national radio programs. He discussed his days with RKO, Gavin Report and interviewing John and Yoko Lennon. He now hosts an afternoon radio show in Central Oregon.

Slacker VP/Music Executive Jack Isquith
Jack Isquith has shared his knowledge as a digital music commentator on various national media outlets including The Today Show, NPR, Rolling Stone, Billboard and Wall Street Journal. He has worked for major labels such as A&M, Epic and Warner as well as various digital music services.

Live365 Director Dennis Constantine
Dennis Constantine has programmed a string of successful major market radio stations, particularly at adult album alternative stations such as KFOG/SF, KINK/Portland and KBCO/Denver. He is now the Director at Live365, a platform to create internet radio stations.

KZAP Logo Designer Bill Styler
Bill Styler designed one of the most memorable logos in 70s freeform/rock radio history. It was "Tubby" the cat for KZAP in Sacramento. The station recently relaunched and has brought back the cat logo. Bill also builds guitars and ventures into fine arts.

KBAY Host Jona Denz-Hamilton
Jona Denz-Hamilton talks about her radio career that has included San Jose rock station KOME in the 70s and early 80s. She programmed KLRB in Monterey and KROY in Sacramento in the 80s. Since 1996 she has done the midday show on KBAY in San Jose.

Radio Marketer Bonnie Stacy-Canelakes
Bonnie Stacy was on Texas rock radio for many years, first in Corpus Christi then in Dallas. She also did promotional for record labels Virgin, Capitol and Elektra in addition to starting her own promotional marketing company that works with radio stations and record labels.

Radio Programmer Lee Arnold
Lee Arnold has been a winning radio programmer everywhere he's worked. From the late sixties at the first rock station in the south through working in Tampa, Boston, Detroit and Milwaukee, he has generated exciting success stories. He has also been a promoter of concerts and recordings.

KRXQ Personality Pat Martin
Pat Martin has been the longest running radio personality in Sacramento. He has worked on air at rock station KRXQ (98 Rock) for 27 years. He continues to do the midday show, announce at local events and sometimes gets up on stage to sing with bands like Tesla. He also sings in a classic rock cover band.

Radio Programmer John Sebastian
John Sebastian is one of the most successful radio programmers of all time. He's turned around stations in major markets such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Boston and Seattle. He's also been a national consultant for over a couple dozen stations.

91X PD/Afternoon Host Michael Halloran
Michael Halloran, who helped several San Diego acts get record deals and gave them their first airplay, talks about his career as a programmer and air personality at the legendary San Diego alternative station 91X.

A&R/Manager/Host Bruce Ravid
Bruce Ravid, who helped The Knack and Weird Al Yankovic get signed and has worked with countless artists at Capitol Records, shares stories about his career as an A&R Executive in the music industry. He also manages a band and hosts a Los Angeles radio show.

KSWD Host/Singer/Actress Mimi Chen
Mimi Chen talks about her elaborate radio career working in major markets such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as her acting and singing career, plus an exciting tech venture. She hosts a show on 100.3 The Sound in Los Angeles.

San Jose Radio Programmer Dana Jang
Dana Jang reflects on this days programming KSJO and working on air at KOME and LIVE 105 in the San Francisco Bay Area. He now programs KBAY and Mix 106.5 in San Jose.

A&R Consultant Marc Nathan
Marc Nathan discusses his career as an A&R consultant and researcher. He's worked for labels such as Atlantic, Universal and other labels. He now lives in Nashville looking for more talent to sign.

Indie Label Executive Marc Ratner
Marc Ratner talks about his career in the music industry since the early 1970s. He worked for Warner, Island, RSO, Elektra, Reprise and Dreamworks. He now runs his own indie label, Mishara Music.

Music Industry President Bob Catania
Bob Catania reflects on his career at several labels, including RCA, Island, Charisma, Geffen and Giant. He now runs his own promotion firm, Right Way Music Group.

Radio/Music Pro Roland West
Roland West talks about his radio and music industry background, working for LIVE 105 in San Francisco, Universal Music Group and Sony's Red Distribution.

Los Angeles punk musician Zebidy Tank of Drop Tank
Singer/guitarist Zeb talks about her band's North American tour and how she enjoys rocking crowds with her two piece band.

Music Industry A&R Executive Jerry Jaffe
Jerry reflects on his days in the music industry from 1976 through 2006, working with PolyGram labels Polydor, where he signed The Waitresses and Mercury, where he signed Bon Jovi.

Atlanta Singer/Songwriter Johnny Pride
Johnny talks about his new wave band The Features of Sacramento in the 80s and Pride In Peril of Los Angeles in the 90s, which appeared in the Oliver Stone film The Doors.

Berlin Singer/Songwriter Anton Barbeau
Anton talks about his move from Sacramento to Europe. He now lives in Berlin and has recorded over a dozen albums influenced by The Beatles and XTC.

London Singer/Songwriter James Cook
James discusses his love for meaningful melodic music. He has toured several parts of the world including the Europe, The United States and South America.

San Francisco DJ Lance Walden
Lance talks about spinning near the SF coast, playing whatever tunes get the dance floor moving.

Sacramento Singer/Songwriter Kally O'Mally
Kally talks about her new album and how she balances her Americana recording projects with working in the health industry.

Radio veteran Kristi Rohlfing Remembers working for Drake-Chenault
Kristi talks about working with the Drake-Chenault radio consulting team when she was music director at KYNO/Fresno in the 1970s.

Alternative radio programming veteran Bruce McDonald
Bruce McDonald, who programmed WFNX in Boston during its heyday, reflects on the legendary alternative Boston radio station and his radio career.

Morning Zoo Personalities Chris Collins and Kill R Bee
KSFM Morning Zoo personalities from the 1980s Chris Collins and Kill R. Bee talk about how their show rose to the top of the Sacramento ratings and dominated the market for many years.

Sacramento radio personality Tony Cox
A series of interviews with KROY AM & FM personality Tony Cox was done on April 30, 2000 about various historic moments in the evolution of the radio industry. Cox talks about meeting Paul McCartney, how FM took over and theater of the mind.

KZAP Freeform Rock Interviews
The Legend of KZAP was a video interview research project in 2004 about Sacramento rock station KZAP, which started as a freeform station in 1968.

Radio History Series: Johnny Hyde
Johnny Hyde programmed KYNO in Fresno then KROY in Sacramento in the sixties. As a kid he listened to the early evolution of top 40 and rock and roll radio in the fifties.