How To Create Your Own Digital Playlist
by Alex Cosper (4/4/15)

Last century a lot of radio listeners have dreams of creating their own radio stations, although we didn't start hearing about these ambitions until the internet began to disrupt radio programming. After the rise and fall of Napster radically woke up the music world about what you can and can't listen to online, iTunes answered a lot of issues. First came the iTunes music player, then the iPod, then the iTunes Music Store. Along the way, companies specializing in DJ software opened the door to playback music like a radio station on your computer.

So if you want to create your own nonstop musical environment running on your computer while you do other things, you have several options. The easiest option is iTunes, which lets you arrange songs in a list then play them back in that order. The main problem with this system is it really isn't designed to play nonstop music with smooth transitions. In fact the earliest versions of iTunes seemed to allow more functionality. Then when Apple started playing follow the leader with streaming companies, it seemed the quality of iTunes Music Player began to erode with each new version after iTunes 8.

You can still play continuous music on iTunes Music Player, but you may not have all the controls you desire. If that's the case you can turn to one of a few choices, depending on your type of computer. Mac users can run MegaSeg while Windows users can run PCDJ. Either way you will have almost as much control over the music as a night club DJ. Some radio stations have used MegaSeg, which is a pretty seemless solution.

Both MegaSeg and PCDJ are simple programs to run as long as you have a basic understanding of computers and music scheduling. Most of the work setting up such a system will be encoding the music and deciding how to categorize it. The software is ideal for mobile DJs, restaurants, hotels and other venues that want to play continuous music in the background that doesn't require much operation or maintenance.

There are other programs and apps to choose from when it comes to DJ software or creating a continuous music flow. Another option is to create your own software or hire someone to do it for you. The last thing the world needs is another streaming program that duplicates the same music on the radio. A better option is to create software that does what you want it to do. We are accelerating in an age of consumer awareness and consumer choice, which suggests there should be better music solutions than there are right now.

So why not just buy the same automation software that radio stations use? Well, it costs thousands of dollars that most consumers don't want to spend. There are a few affordable solutions, but the best deal for the maximum control is with MegaSeg or PCDJ unless you can create better software. For music to playback nonstop like a radio station you will need to control the "crossfade," which is the transition from when one song ends and the next song begins.

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