Music Industry News 2017
by Alex Cosper

Music Industry Reports Revenue Uptick

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) issued a report on April 6, 2017 on the estimated value of shipments in the U.S. for the first half of 2016. The results were an 11.4% increase in revenue from the first half of 2015. RIAA Chairman/CEO Cary Sherman still characterized the industry's slow recovery as "fragile and fraught with risk." Estimated retail revenue for the period increased to $7.7 billion for the year. The doubling of music streaming subscriptions to 22.6 million accounted for the industry's biggest annual increase since 1998.

Spotify Hits 50 Million Subscribers

Spotify announced in March 2017 that they surpassed 50 million subscribers, increasing their lead as the world's top paid online music streaming service. Apple Music came in a distant second place with 20 million customers. Other trailing rivals include SoundCloud and Google. Last year the company announced it had 30 million subscribers. By September Spotify subscribers increased to 40 million. In 2016 streaming revenue reached $5.4 billion of the $16.1 billion earned in global music sales.

Chuck Berry Dies, New Album This Year

Rock and roll legend Chuck Berry died at the age of 90 on March 17, 2017. He had continued touring up until a few years before his death, although he continued to play live in his hometown St. Louis. Berry first started having hits with "Maybellene" in 1955 after getting signed by Chess Records earlier that year. He went on to have a string of big rock and roll hits such as "Roll Over Beethoven," "Rock and Roll Music" and "Johnny B. Goode." He is often cited as the architect of rock and roll, although he called himself the "father of rock and roll" in an interview.

A new album titled Chuck will be released later in 2017. Berry announced on his 90th birthday on October 18, 2016 he had put together new material for a new album the following year. His recordings of albums and songs have spanned every decade since he came on the scene. Here's a Chuck Berry tribute on cultural intelligence site Illoogle.

2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

Joan Baez, ELO, Journey, Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur, Yes, Nile Rodgers
Awarded April 7, 2017

Interview with R&R Founder Bob Wilson

The man who built Radio & Records (R&R) and made it the most read publication in the radio and record industries, Bob Wilson, reflects on his career. He talks about how he came up with the concept, along with other career highlights, such as partnering with Wolfman Jack in the creation of the TV show Midnight Special. The trade publication lasted over 40 years before the business sold to Billboard, which discontinued the publication.

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