2015 Music Industry Predictions
by Alex Cosper 1/2/15)

Playlists - will combine with storytelling on social media and begin to accelerate in cultural significance
Major Labels - will continue to struggle financially while exploring new revenue streams
Indie Labels - will experiment with new artist-friendly business models
Live Touring Acts - will scale back on tour budgets
Digital Downloads - will flatten out after recent years of declining sales
Regional Music - will begin to spread beyond geographic boundaries
Streaming Music - will experience slower growth due to market saturation and artist criticism
Music Therapy - will gain more prominence and acceptance as a legitimate industry
Internet Music Marketing - will offer expanded opportunities for independent artists
Album Sales - will continue to decline
Vinyl Record Sales - will gradually increase but remain a low market share
Acoustic Recording - will become more common to combat high recording costs
Cloud-based Recording - will offer improved recording quality
Short Music Videos - will help provide a solution to promoting songs without giving them away
Video Soundtrack Music - will become easier to use without paying high royalties
Social Commentary Music - will develop as a mainstay niche
Indie Artist Websites - will have increased online opportunities for higher search engine rankings
Online Music Videos - will be associated with expanding revenue opportunities
Corporate Sponsorships - will keep developing in the indie music scene
Music Review Sites - will appear more as expanding channels for promoting independent artists
Digital Musical Instruments - will improve in sound quality to sound more authentic

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