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Playlist Research Is Your Resource for Studying Music and New Media

Music is a part of everyone's lives because it communicates ideas and emotions possibly better than any other form of expression. Various recent studies at major universities around the world are finding that music therapy is becoming more useful in modern health care. Educators are learning that music education actually has compelling benefits, such as sharpening your thinking and helping build relationships. Learning about music history can also open your mind to the past, present and the possible future of music and the industries that deliver and promote music.

Playlist Research is designed to be a resource by radio personality Alex Cosper to provide information on how today's music world came to be. You can use this information to create your own music history projects, class reunion playlists or maybe current playlists for your own modern internet radio station. The term "radio" has come to mean not just the AM/FM radio many of us grew up with, but it now also includes internet streaming or satellite radio.

Writing, performing and recording music are some of the funnest activities on earth, which is why Playlist Research explores independent artists as well as the history of recording and American radio, particularly alternative, community and freeform radio. The main purpose of this site is to be a resource for music researchers and playlist developers. Whether you are a music fan, independent artist, radio listener, radio personality, club DJ, mobile DJ, event planner, reunion committee member or perhaps a student working on a college term paper, this site provides hundreds of informative pages on music and media.

If you happen to be a financial analyst or investor who is curious about music industry trends, Playlist Research is a helpful guide. If you've ever wondered why no musical act has outsold The Beatles, this site provides unique observations. If you're curious about music that's on or off the charts, this site features lists of top hits for every year of the past nine decades as well as local scenes around the world.

Maybe you have wondered why national music dominates local scenes when it would make more sense for fans and the entire music industry if the music that gained national exposure were comprised of several regional scenes. Out of all the zillions of albums released every year do you wonder why less than 5% turn a profit or less than 1% get played on the radio? Do you ever envision yourself having a career in the music business? What about getting ideas for a cover band set list? Perhaps you're simply a music fan who wants to expand your musical knowledge.

The mysteries of the music industry and why only certain songs get radio airplay are covered here in various articles. You can essentially use a lot of the information on this site as a tool to solve the puzzles that surround record labels, radio stations, music streaming platforms, web design, web marketing, recording studios, music promotion and many other things that involve the creation, promotion, consumption and analysis of music. The fact that technology has become closely related to music in how it's recorded and distributed is also covered here.

This site is constantly expanding with articles and lists that will answer a lot of your questions about music quickly. The site is dedicated to music's past, present and future that points to the indie revolution that is empowering consumers to become their own programmers of customized media. On this site you will find plenty of useful information to share with other music fans, musicians and industry professionals on social networks.

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